Elden Ring: Memory Stone Locations

The Memory Stone is a purchasable and wearable item in Elden Ring. This item is located in a secret area where to unlock, you must first finish a storyline quest. The true benefit of the Memory stone is that it increases the memory slots that you have. You can have up to 10 maximum memory slots unlocked.

It is mainly used for sorcerers, they will need many memory slots if they want to equip sorceries and incantations. This guide will give you the exact location of the Memory Stone in Elden Ring.

Memory Stone Location – Elden Ring

The “Table of Lost Grace” is the hidden area which is located in Limgrave. In order to get into this area, you first must complete a chain quest which is located in “The Roundtable Hold”.

Once you have gained entrance to the “Table of Lost Grace”, at the very beginning of the entrance you will see two NPCs sitting down and holding a staff. They are called the “Twin Maiden Husks”, and they can sell you the Memory Stone for 3000 Runes.

Written by Borut Udovic

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