Elden Ring: Night Comet Location

The Night Comet is a sorcery item that is used for casting comet spells. Spell-casters can throw comets towards their enemies and deal damage. This item is difficult to obtain because of the three hidden light flame locations which are stranded in the area.

The chest is locked, meaning that you need to do something first for it to be unlocked. This guide will show you all the Light Flame locations to obtain the Night Comet in Elden Ring.

Night Comet Location – Elden Ring

The Night Comet is located in Raya Lucaria. It is found through an illusory wall, before the Site of Grace at Debate Parior. The Night Comet is stashed in a locked chest where you first need to unlock it to obtain your Night Comet.

The chest is unlocked by lighting up the 3 Flames that are on top of rooftops in buildings. The tricky part about this situation is getting up to these areas to light the flame.

Light Flame Location 1

The first location for the flame is located inside Sellia, Town of Sorcery, on a small balcony you will notice some blue crystals that you can break just by walking over them with your mount and a yellow shining tree. From here you will see a broken-down fence on the balcony, under it there will be a massive tree that follows to a building where the Light Flame is located.

Once you reach this location, get off your mount and follow the tree that leads to the wall filled with mushrooms on the side of the building.

When the highest point of the tree has been reached, mount up and face the mushrooms that you see on the wall of the building. You can get there by using the double jump from your mount. After that, you will see ladders that lead to the first light flame location where you can start the first blue fire.

Light Flame Location 2

The starting lighting flame point will be located just north of the first starting area. From here you need to go down the stairs from the balcony and follow the giant tree that leads to a rooftop of a building.

When you reach the first rooftop on the building, you will need to do some roof jumping with your mount. Use the double jump to guarantee yourself successful passage towards the next roof. You will need to perform a zig-zag pattern with the jumps, which will lead to the last rooftop needed.

Once you have reached the third building, continue going straight forward until you see another giant tree that leads left towards a higher building. The tree should end up right in front of you as you reach the third building.

There will be one more tree that needs to be climbed that will lead to the highest point of the buildings, where the flame lighting spot is located.

Once you have reached the building that is shown in the image above, you should see a ladder right in front of you that will take you to your destination!

Light Flame 3

Your third location is close to your second one. To find it successfully, go to the starting point of all locations and continue going straight forward onto the tree until you reach the third house again, which was leading you to your second location.

From here you will want to go straight forward with your mount. You will be needed to turn right from this location and follow the tree until it leads you to the closest rooftop next to the big building. When that location has been reached, simply climb up the stairs and you will be able to light up the third flame for the Night Comet.
Once you have lit up all 3 locations, you will receive a message saying “A seal was broken in town somewhere”, this means that the chest has been unlocked and you need to go and get your Night Comet.

To find the chest, simply drop down to the ground from the third location where you will see an old ghost just wandering around the street. On the right side of the street, you will see a small entrance with only a chest inside of it. In that chest, the Night Comet will be stashed!

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