Elden Ring: Raya Lucarian Robe Location

The Raya Lucarian Robe is an equippable item which is a long blue robe with two red cloth pieces which are hanging down from your shoulders. It is believed that the robe belonged to Karolos, along with his Manchettes and Leggings.

It is an item that gives a fair amount of intellect and is recommended to be equipped on players who are playing sorcerers in Elden Ring.

This guide will show you the location of the Raya Lucarian Robe in Elden Ring.

Raya Lucarian Robe Location – Elden Ring

The Raya Lucarian Robe is located at the Gatefront Ruins in a chariot which is guarded by 1 guard. Once you get to that area it is pretty straight forward. Kill the guard and obtain the loot.

Inside the chest you will find more pieces which seems to be the whole set from Karolos.
It’s an intellect gear that is mostly used for casters, and its rather funny looking to play with!

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