Elden Ring: Smithing Stone Location | Where to get

The smith stone shard is an upgrade material in Elden Ring. The smith stone is located throughout the Lands Between, and mining stones is another way to retrieve them. You can use them at a smith table where you can spend runes and smit stones to strengthen your gear.

Smithing Stone Location – Elden Ring

The easiest method in obtaining the smith stones are trough killing the trolls in Stormhill.

From this location, mount up and continue going east until you get to a land field where there are big massive trolls located.

From this point forward. Begin fighting with the trolls until you kill them. Upon killing a troll you will get 1 Smith stone shard, keep killing them in order to retrieve your desired number.

You can also move around and look around where you will be able to find some broken pillars which can hold more than 1 stone with them. These will help you greatly because you will save great time by gathering stones. You will get much more stones like this instead of killing trolls.

But keep in mind that the pillars are really rare and the trolls are your most assured way to get the smith stone shards.

And just like that! You have your smith stones where you can combine them on a smith table with runes to enhance your gear and boost your performance in the battlefield!

Written by Borut Udovic

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