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Elden Ring Smithing Stones | How to Get

Elden Ring Smithing Stones - How to Get

Weapons in Elden Ring are few and far between. Chances are good that when you find one you like, you’ll use it for a while. That’s why it’s important to find Smithing Stones. These items allow you to improve your armaments, increasing the weapon’s damage as well as its stat scaling. However, getting these stones requires you to search diligently through oftentimes dangerous areas. Mercifully, there are a few places you can farm them early in the game.

How to Get Smithing Stones in Elden Ring

How to Get Smithing Stones in Elden Ring

Smithing Stones are found all throughout Elden Ring. You’ll typically find them as loot on corpses in the overworld, in treasure chests, or dropped by fallen enemies. They’re also occasionally found in above-ground caches or underground mines.

Generally speaking, you’ll find plenty of Smithing Stones if you explore landmark areas thoroughly. They aren’t what you’d call common, but they aren’t exactly rare either. Stay in the habit of picking up any items you see, and you should eventually find enough to keep your primary weapon upgraded.

If you need to farm Smithing Stones quickly, there are a couple of easy options. On the cliffs north of Gatefront Ruins you’ll find a large statue being guarded by Trolls. Six stones rest within the statue. To get them out, you’ll need to trick the trolls into destroying it. Just make sure not to get crushed in the process.

A good place to find Smithing Stones early is the Limgrave Tunnels dungeon. It’s an old mining system located at the northern peak of Algheel Lake. You can earn 11 of them by clearing out the mines and defeating the Stonedigger Troll. Even without taking out the boss, you’ll still find enough to upgrade your starting weapon twice.

As you continue to explore and collect map fragments, you’ll find even more mining systems filled with Smithing Stones. However, once your weapon gets to level +7, most of the upgraded stones you’ll need will be found in major overworld areas or dungeons. Follow the Grace to major points of interest, and you’re bound to find more.

Written by Andrew Smith