Elden Ring: Soldier of Godrick Boss Fight Guide

Players will encounter many enemies during their adventures in Elden Ring. One such boss is the Soldier of Godrick in the game. In this guide, we will tell you all the tactics to defeat this boss.

Soldier of Godrick Boss Fight Guide – Elden Ring

The Solider of Godrick is the first boss you will encounter in the game. He can be found in the Fringefolk’s Hero Grave area by jumping down at the entrance instead of going through the exit door. You will reach a foggy door that will take you to a big arena in the game.

He can be defeated easily since he serves as an introduction to the boss fight mechanics of the game. Do note that you cannot use any special items or spells against him to gain any advantage.

The boss has a heavy sword in his hand which makes it easy to predict most of his moves. However you need to beware of his 3 hit combo attacks, he might look like he will hit you once but then he will suddenly perform the combo attack.

Since he is the first boss in the game, you will be able to defeat him by spamming your attacks even if he hits you several times. You can also use him to practice some of your moves like parry dodge and counters in the game.

It is also hard to maintain your distance since he will come running towards you will need to dodge his attacks. Most of his attacks are vertical, he will swing his sword in the ground and then towards the air so you need to dodge him vertically. You will be able to defeat him pretty easily since he is the first boss in the game.

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Written by Borut Udovic

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