Elden Ring: Stamp (Sweep) Ash of War Location

The Stamp (Sweep) Ash of War is an interesting item to collect. This item will give you a fighting move to learn. With this move, you stamp the ground with the handle of your weapon and make a quick 360-degree sweep in order to damage a group of enemies.

To get to the item you will need to reach the western beach of Limgrave, where an interesting ghost will be waiting for you to kill and obtain the Ash of War, this guide will provide the exact location of the Stamp Ash of War in Elden Ring.

Stamp (Sweep) Ash of War Location – Elden Ring

You will find this item located on the western side of Limgrave. From your starting location called “The First Step,” you want to make your way towards the beach.

On the way, you will spot a giant troll which you can easily avoid just by running around him. Once you reach the beach, some pillars can be seen that have ascended from the ground and some white prints that are continually moving around in circles.

The job here is to time the attack on the moving invisible target in order to reveal its form and unlock the Stamp (Sweep) Ash of War.

Written by Borut Udovic

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