Elden Ring: Stonedigger Troll Boss Fight Guide

Players will encounter many bosses during their adventures in Elden Ring. One such boss is the Stonedigger Troll. In this guide, we will tell you all the tactics to defeat this boss.

Stonedigger Troll Boss Fight Guide – Elden Ring

The Stonedigger Troll can be found inside the Limgrave tunnels located in the Limgrave region. These tunnels are located on the northern side of Agheel Lake.

This can be a tough fight for players who prefer a melee combat approach since their attacks will bounce off the enemy after one hit. Your best bet is to hit as much as possible in one single hit and then roll away backwards. Use your hardest hitting weapon even if it has a slow attack speed.

You can also use the Northern Mercenary Ashes for assistance since he can help you defeat this boss quickly. A good technique is to go towards his back, attack with your sword and then roll in another direction. Remember to conserve your stamina and deal as maximum damage as possible in one single hit.

For ranged combat players, you need to use a shield and your catalyst in the other so you can block any potential attacks. You need to dodge his attacks, form a distance and then cast your spells. You will be rewarded with the Dragonscale blade once you manage to defeat him.

Written by Borut Udovic

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