Elden Ring : Tarnished Blossom Location | Where To Find

Crafting materials are always welcome for every player. And you need them the most when you don’t have them. These Tarnished Blossoms can be found on some specific places on the map.

The good thing about them is that they are not hidden in grass or under a rock. They have an orange shiny look on them that can attract any player to move to the Blossoms and see what they are.

This guide will show you where exactly you can find the Tarnished Blossom.

Tarnished Blossom Location – Elden Ring

Three of these Tarnished Blossoms are located down on a platform filled with wolves from the cliffs south from The First Step.

Here the first thing that you will do is encounter a pack of wolves.

Once done with killing the wolves, head a bit more south, move your character to the edge of the cliff where you will spot the Tarnished Blossoms.

They have an Orange look to them and are easy to notice. Just run over them and they will be automatically transported into your item bag.

Written by Borut Udovic

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