Elden Ring: Tree Sentinel Boss Fight Guide

Players will encounter many bosses during their adventures in Elden Ring. The Tree Sentinel is one such boss. Here’s how you can defeat the Tree Sentinel in Elden Ring.

The Tree Sentinel is one of the early bosses you will come across in Elden Ring. He can be easily spotted due to his heavy golden armor, typically roaming on the road leading toward the Church of Elleh and Gatefront Ruin.

Tree Sentinel Boss Fight Guide – Elden Ring

The key to defeating the boss is to position yourself behind him or in the direction opposite to his attack. Deliver only one or two attacks before moving and you will be able to dodge its oncoming attacks. You need to be patient and observe its attacking patterns.

You need to manage your timing since you will be required to dodge when he gallops on his horse and charges towards you. Try to be careful and avoid his jump attacks by dodging them at the right time since they can deal a lot of damage. Also, don’t try to use spells when the boss activates its shield because they will be reflected back at you.

It is suggested that you climb a high object like the pillars of the church which will allow you to attack the boss with spells and ranged projectiles without putting yourself at risk. Jump attacks deal higher damage than traditional attacks. The boss will also reset from time to time and put the sword on his right shoulder, giving you a small window to attack with your sword.

The easiest way to defeat him is to use ranged weapons and spells during the battle. Use a shield to block all of his attacks and then deliver damage by casting your spells until he is dead. You will be rewarded with runes and Ash of War: Holy ground after you manage to kill him.

Written by Borut Udovic

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