Elden Ring: Where to Buy Stonesword Keys

The Stone sword Keys are small black swords that act as keys to open up frozen statues. These are purchasable from a secret area in Limgrave. It is good to have these as you will need them in order to open imp statues and collect loot. Sometimes you can loot the Stonesword keys from monsters or get them from secret areas throughout the lands of Elden Ring. This guide will show you the simplified way of obtaining stonesword keys.

Where to Buy Stonesword Keys – Elden Ring

The “Table of Lost Grace” is the hidden area which is located in Limgrave. In order to get into this area, you first must complete a chain quest which is located in “The Roundtable Hold”.

Once you have gained entrance to the “Table of Lost Grace”, at the very beginning of the entrance you will see two NPCs sitting down and holding a staff. They are called the “Twin Maiden Husks”, and they can sell you the Stonesword keys for 4000 Runes. Once you purchase one set for 4000 runes, you will get 3 keys that you can use on 3 different statues.

Written by Borut Udovic

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