Electronic Arts Could Be An Acquisition Target And Analysts Are Making Predictions

Over the last decade and a half, Sony and Microsoft have battled for the top spot of the gaming heap. And generally, when one of the technology giants makes a significant move, the other quickly counters with one of their own.

In January, Microsoft made one of its most significant moves ever, striking a deal to acquire massive game publisher Activision. Once the dust settled from the announcement, many started to wonder how Sony might respond. In a new piece from the Hollywood Reporter, some insiders speculate that Sony could purchase Electronic Arts.

With Activision now off the market, some analysts are predicting that EA could be the next gaming giant to be sold.
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MoffettNathanson’s Clay Griffin recently wrote, “Sony’s portfolio of exclusive intellectual property (Spider-ManGod of WarHorizon Forbidden West, etc.) has been hugely helpful to Sony’s platform, but a Microsoft-Activision combination significantly ups the ante.” The analyst continued:


“It’s not an unreasonable position to claim that game publishers are attractive M&A candidates for big tech companies that have the financial brawn to make the metaverse happen, but perhaps don’t have ready-made IP or core competency in producing gaming content that will be required for mass market acceptance.”

A team of analysts from Enders Analysis also weighed in, saying that if Sony wanted to make a big splash, “EA is likely to be the favorite.”

And if Sony wants to purchase EA, they may have some competition.MKM Partners Eric Handler opined, “A great way for Disney to build upon its digital future and for Bob Chapek to step outside Bob Iger’s shadow would be to buy EA. Combining EA Sports with ESPN could create a lot of unique opportunities, like a real sports metaverse.”

Of course, Sony could also make a move by purchasing a company that isn’t quite as large as Electronic Arts. Some other companies suggested in the piece include Ubisoft and Take-Two.

You can read the piece in its entirety here.


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