Elex 2: How to Pick Locks

Elex 2 is a science fiction RPG game where players explore the beautiful world of Magalan. You come across various chests and items that are locked in the game and required to be opened manually. In this guide, we will tell you how to pick locks and open these items manually.

Picking Locks in Elex 2

You will come across many locked chests and items as you make progress in the game. To unlock them you need to pick the locks. Doing this is very simple and is mostly a game of trial and error.

You need to be careful and pay attention to the route you choose when picking a lock.

If that route fails then you need to choose a new route to pick that lock. A good way to start is by numbering all the locks first for a better understanding. For example, try starting with pin 1 and then proceed to pin 2, pin 3 and so on. If this method fails then you try an alternative by starting with pin 1 then pin 2 but instead of going to pin 3, return to pin 1.

Picking a lock is a game of trial and error and there is no guarantee that a particular method will always work. So if one method doesn’t work then try the other one. Observe and learn from your mistakes so you can be successful the next time. Harder locks in the game will have more pins requiring you have to devote more time and attention in order to unlock them.

That’s everything you need to know about picking locks in Elex 2. Now go ahead and unlock those treasure chests!

Written by Borut Udovic

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