Elite Dangerous’ Odyssey Expansion Releases Fixes as Steam Review Bombing Continues

Elite Dangerous Odyssey
Photo Credit: Frontier Developments

Elite Dangerous’ Odyssey expansion is receiving frenzied hotfixes after hitting a rough patch just a week into the game’s release from alpha.

Several hotfixes have already been released after gamers starting complaining of bugs and crashes following the release.

Among the games most complained about issues is a bug in which engineering materials are removed and replaced only with the number of materials held in the previous mission.

On its forum, Frontier released the following statement:

“We were made aware of an issue affecting Engineering Materials that we wanted to fix as quickly as possible. To that end, a hotfix is currently being deployed for Odyssey. This is not expected to disrupt your gameplay or require any downtime.Thank you for highlighting and reporting any issues you experience. The dev team will continue investigating and fixing them as they come in.”

The Elite Dangerous expansion has rubbed Steam users wrong, removing any goodwill they may have earned in the past for the series. There are now more than 2,500 negative reviews for the expansion and climbing as review bombing continues.

As one user wrote:

“This is one of the worst Game/DLC launches I’ve ever seen. This is Anthem/Fallout 76 levels of bad. Odyssey should never have been released this early, especially just 2 weeks after the Paid Public Alpha, of which I paid the extra $22 AUD for. When I bought the alpha I expected bugs, as Elite: Dangerous was never perfect, and I had set my expectations low. After I played the alpha I knew this was going to be a rough launch, but never expected it to be this much of a disaster. I have 4,500 hours at the time of me posting this, and I cannot recommend this to people until the game-breaking bugs are fixed.

Steam Store / User: HellsBackupPlan

Bug fixes are par for the course and road bumps are common. If the hotfixes continue at their current pace, it’s likely we’ll see a quick turn around. In the meantime, if you can hold off for a little while, we recommended waiting before you download the expansion.


Written by Boss Level Gamer

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