Escape Academy: The Rival Room Walkthrough

Escape Academy as the name suggest is a game where you need to train and become the ultimate escapist by solving puzzles, and hacking servers either alone or with your friends.

This guide will provide you with a walkthrough of the Rival Room level in the game.

Escape Academy: The Rival Room Walkthrough

1. The Gear Puzzle

The first is the Gear puzzle where you need to get the gears from the boxes and locker and then put them in the correct places within the time limit.

After you collected all the gear, put them in their respective places below:

1. Large gear in the bottom left corner of the board

2. Small gear in the middle of the board

3. Medium gear on the right side of the board

 4. Now turn the handle on the left and the door will open allowing you to escape.

2. Which 3 can you both see?

The next puzzle contains a lot of sculptures and a large glass wall with names written horizontally on it. The name on the wall corresponds to the busts in front of you and you will see the name written on a plate below it.

Your job is to move these busts in the correct order and position and place them in the three marked places on the wall to open the door.

You will notice that the display on the wall says “Which 3 can you both see?” indicating the clue to the puzzle. If you look at the glass wall carefully, there will be three names that you can still read even when they are reversed.

The three names that you can read are Timmy, Wyatt and Max. Move these three busts into the marked wall behind to proceed to the next area.

3. Weights and Scales

Now the third puzzle is divided into two sections: the first section requires you to calculate the weight of the respective coloured weight that you can find on your left.

Collect all the weights and measure them against each other on the scale to find out their weight.

In case you don’t want to waste your time in the calculations, the weight of these respective colours is:

  • Red : 1kg
  • Blue: 2kg
  • Orange: 4kg
  • Green: 3kg
  • White: 5kg

Now that you know about the weights of these coloured weights, head over to the digital screen on your right and enter these weights.

This is where the second part of the puzzle begins, you need to place the weights on a seesaw until the amount of weight shown on the screen(ie 7kg,9kg and 14kg) becomes equal to the weight that you place on the seesaw bar.

There are three sections on each bar: X1, X2 and X3 that multiply the weight by 1,2 & 3 respectively.

The solution to the puzzle is as follows:

7kgs seesaw: Place the white weight on X1 and the red weight on X2

9kgs seesaw: Place the green weight on X3

14 kgs seesaw: Place the orange weight on X3 and blue weight on X1

After you placed all the weights, the door will be unlocked and you will be able to proceed to the next area.

4. The Rotating Rings

This is one of the most challenging puzzles in the entire level where you need to control three rings that you can either rotate clockwise or anticlockwise through the six buttons in the control panel.

You need to rotate these rings by following the combo displayed on the screen in less than 10 rotations.

The reset button will help you reset the puzzle and if you manage to solve it in less than 8 rotations then you will be rewarded with the Spin Specialist achievement.

The order for pressing these buttons is as follows:

1. Right Purple button

2. Right Green button

3. Enter the ring chamber and press the blue table button (circle) then the yellow table button ( spade) and the red table (club).

4. Head back to the control panel and press the right purple button.

5. Right Green button

6. Enter the chambers and press the blue table button (triangle)

7. Left Green button

8. Enter the chamber and press the button on the blue table(square) and then the button on the red table(diamond)

9. Return to the control panel and press the right orange button.

10. Finally enter the chamber and click on the yellow table button(heart)

The door will be unlocked and you can proceed to the next area.

5. Double-Sided Safe Puzzle

This is the last puzzle in this level and it contains many mini puzzles in it. This is a double-sided safe that you and Gillian are trying to open from both sides.

First, click on the middle tile in the top row and then darken those squares to match the puzzle layout on the cabinet as shown above.

Collect the cabinet key inside and use it to open the safe in the middle on your right side. Inside it, you will find the words: Ring The Bells My Dear Friends. Notice the underlined letters in the sentence.

Now it’s time to inspect these bells in the middle on the left of the cabinet. These bells have an alphabet written on them and you will need to ring them in the same order as those words underlined earlier. In case you forgot, you need to ring them in this order: G,E,A,D.

Collect the bronze medal inside and notice the clue for the next mini puzzle: You will escape when pigs fly.

Let’s move on to the next spinning puzzle located in the second spot of the top row.Rotate the three columns to create a pig with wings and fins. Inside the safe, you will notice some random arrows indicating the clue to the next puzzle.

Inspect the puzzle in the top left corner and press the arrows as shown in the previous puzzle. The correct order is Up, Right, Up, Left and Down.

Collect the coins inside and check the puzzle in the top right corner of the shelf. Here you need to insert some coins in the three rows so that they add up to the values shown. You need to insert these coins in this order:

Top Row (starting from left to right): 1 cent, 5 cents and 10 cents.

Bottom Row (starting from left to right): 1 cent, 10 cents and 1 cent.

Collect the playing cards inside and then inspect the puzzle in the bottom left corner of the cabinet. You will notice that the clock has 4 hands with some symbols made on it.

Pressing the button to the respective symbol will move these hands and the numbers on the card will tell you the position that you need to set them to.

The solution to this puzzle is:

  • Heart at K
  • Diamond at Q
  • Spade at 7
  • Club at 3

This will open the safe and you collect the silver medal while noticing the words “BANE” written inside.

Let’s move on to the remaining puzzle in the top row where you will notice some words inscribed on a rotating wheel. Set these words to read BANE starting with B in the top row.

Collect the Marbles inside and inspect the last puzzle in the cabinet. Here you will notice that this is a mini pinball game where you need to ensure that orange and yellow marbles end up in their respective places. To solve this puzzle, you will need to drop them in the following order:

Yellow, Yellow, Orange, Yellow, Orange and Orange.

Collect the Gold Medal inside and inspect the safe in the middle of the cabinet. Place all the respective medals that you collected in their places to open the safe.

That’s it, you have successfully managed to beat the Rival Room competition and defeat Gillian!

Written by Borut Udovic

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