Escape from Tarkov: How to Fix Bad Gateway Problem/ Launcher Error

Escape from Tarkov is a Russian action role-playing/ simulation game. The game was offered to a certain number of players with a closed beta in August 2016. The players aim to reach the exit points by looting on different locations and escaping from Scavs that controlled by AI and other players.

On the other hand, players who want to play Escape from Tarkov may sometimes encounter annoying problems. At the beginning of these problems is the “bad gateway” error.

This problem is caused by the launcher and network issues and there are multiple solutions. Therefore, you can relax.

Today, we will show you how to fix the Escape from Tarkov bad gateway problem.

How to Fix Bad Gateway Problem/ Launcher Error in Escape from Tarkov

As some players have reported on social media and various forum sites, a Bad Gateway error is received when running the launcher of Escape from Tarkov. While this error is annoying, it is a fairly common problem. In addition, it is an error that you can easily fix because there is more than one solution.

If you apply the following methods by the instructions given, you can fix this error when you launch Escape from Tarkov.

Method 1: Install Basic Requirements to Run the Game

In order to run Escape from Tarkov, you need certain basic programs such as Visual One C++, DirectX.

Firstly, you need to install the Visual One C++ libraries. For this, you can download any Visual One C++ Installer available on the internet and install the libraries by running the installer.

Secondly, you can update the latest version of DirectX and GPU drivers from official sites.

Finally, your antivirus program may be preventing Escape from Tarkov from running. Because of this, you may also need to disable or uninstall your antivirus program.

Method 2: Restart Your Internet Connection

Bad gateway error problem can be caused by internet connection in general. Therefore, make sure your internet connection is healthy. You can follow the steps below for this:

  • Restart your modem/router
  • Check your firewall settings (in some cases the firewall may block the connection of the game)
  • Check the internet security settings of your antivirus program (the antivirus program can block incoming and outgoing connections in the game)

Method 3: Check Game Files

Missing game files of Escape from Tarkov may also prevent the game from running smoothly and cause a “bad gateway” error. The most effective way to prevent this is to follow the steps below:

  1. Run Steam
  2. Find the “Escape from Tarkov” in Library
  3. Right-click on the game
  4. Select “Properties”
  5. Click on Local Files
  6. Select “Verify File Integrity”

If you follow the steps above, the game files will be verified, but this process may take some time.

Method 4: Restart Your Computer

Most of the problems related with the game can be solved by restarting the PC. In fact, many software problems encountered in the PC are solved effectively and practically by restarting.

The “bad gateway” problem, which is also an annoying error in Escape from Tarkov, is solved by restarting the PC.

By applying the above methods, you can easily solve the annoying problem of Escape from Tarkov, the bad gateway and launcher error. Afterwards, you can experience the war and action with your friends by participating in the exciting atmosphere of the game. Good hunting!

Written by Borut Udovic

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