Escape From Tarkov: Old Road Gate Extract Guide

Many players who love to play Escape From Tarkov have been having a bit of trouble with the new Customs 2021 map. Particularly, the issue is often related to finding the exact location of the Escape From Tarkov Old Road Gate extract, otherwise known as “Old Gate” on the Customs map. You might guess why failing to find an important extraction point such as this one would stir up a lot of anger among players.

As a result, we are here to help explain the confusion behind this and show you how to find Old Road Gate easily every single time on the Customs map in Escape From Tarkov.

Where Is The Old Road Gate in Escape From Tarkov?

The Old Road Gate Scav extraction point in Escape From Tarkov is easy to find once you learn where to look. There are several key structures that will guide you to this extract point until you learn its location like the back of your hand. So, let’s see how you can reach it safely and fast every time on the Customs map.

Old Roat Gate is a Scav only extract. If it makes it any easier, this extract is the same exit as Dorms V-Ex for PMCs.

So, the first thing you will want to do is locate the Dorms buildings on the map. That should be an easy task to do as the Dorms are extremely visible and easy to find on the Customs map.

Next, turn towards the edge of the map that’s closest to the Dorms buildings, run through the area of the parked car. Once you reach the small forest at the end of the parking area, turn left and run towards the metal staircases on the Dorms. Then, simply turn away from these stairs and run towards the end of the big wall. You will see a huge old gate where you can exit.

That’s where you will find the Old Roat Gate extract point and safely exit. So remember, coordinate easily around the Dorms buildings. Find them on the map and just try to find the big metal staircase. The Old Road Gate extract is located on that side of the building.

So, remember, the Old Road Gate extract is located on the North part of the Customs map. It’s almost exactly in the middle of that side of the map and is located just a few meters away from the Dorms buildings. Once you’re there, you can’t miss it. 

Written by Borut Udovic

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