Evil West: All The Grand Finale Collectibles (Mission 16)

A menacing evil is looming around the Old West and it’s up to you in Evil West to take care of it.

The missions of Evil West sometimes contain collectibles for you to bump into during your journey. Most times, they contain valuables such as Cash that you can use for upgrades.

All of the collectibles for this mission are a bunch of cash crates that the player can break and collect. Here is where to find the collectibles in the Grand Finale mission of Evil West.

All The Grand Finale Collectibles (Mission 16) – Evil West

Cash #1 & #2

The first two collectibles are present in the Ballroom area in the beginning. Kill all of the enemies in this room and you can proceed to collecting them.

The first one can be found directly to your left inside a crate. Shoot the crate to collect the Cash inside.

The second crate can be found on the floor in the northeast corner of the Ballroom.

Cash #3

There will be a door at the front of the Ballroom that you can punch to continue your way through. At the end of the hallway from the door will be another crate with some cash.

Cash #4

Continuing down the hallway from the previous collectible, there will be a red sofa to your right that will have more cash on it.

Cash #5

The last collectible for this mission can be seen directly across from the previous one.

Simply approach it to break it open and collect the cash inside.

Written by Borut Udovic

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