Evil West: All The Questionable Cargo Collectibles (Mission 1)

Old school vampire-slaying game Evil West features various collectibles to find across its sixteen, truly fun missions. These can be collectible items that reveal more stories about the world of Evil West, Bucks, or chests. If you are one of those that want everything done to completion, we got you covered! Below, we will be showing all the collectibles you can find in Evil West’s introductory mission, ‘The Questionable Cargo.’

All The Questionable Cargo Collectibles (Mission 1) – Evil West

The game’s 1st mission, titled: The Questionable Cargo, serves as the game’s introduction and tutorial mission.

 That being said, it starts with a bang and gets players excited for what’s yet to come in Evil West’s gloomy yet gorgeous world.

The mission has a total of 11 collectibles – 2 Lore items and 9 Bucks.

The first collectible can be seen after swinging down a fallen tree using Jesse’s lasso.

After the swing, immediately look at your back to see a glowing item on the patch of grass. This is the first collectible in the mission. It will give you 66 Bucks.

For the next one, head down the small cave tunnel and vault over to the next section of the mission map.

Upon entering the area where the game will teach you about the dodging mechanic, look to the left and vault over another small opening.

There, you should see a chest, this is the second collectible. Open it to get 181 Bucks.

Now go back to the tutorial area. Before proceeding inside the broken train cargo cart, head toward the opening to the right.

At the end of the small pathway is the third collectible. Getting it will give you 21 Bucks.

This time, go inside the broken train cargo cart. In the middle of it, you should see a glowing object that you can interact with.

This is the fourth collectible and the first Lore item for this mission.

Just continue the linear, main path. Soon after, you should see a gold-glowing object to your left before a cave opening. This is the fifth collectible. Get it to receive 41 Bucks.

Move forward now until you reach the section where the game teaches you about uppercuts. After that, move closer to the wooden bridge and swing to it using your lasso.

On the edge, you should see the sixth collectible. Getting it will give you 47 Bucks.

Go down the bridge now and continue following the main path.

After moving down and vaulting to the next area, look to your right. On a small opening hides the seventh collectible. Get it and receive 56 Bucks.

Again, continue the main path.

Once you find yourself standing atop broken train cargo carts, look to your left for an opening you can drop down on.

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There hides the eighth collectible. Get it to receive 23 Bucks.

Climb back up and swing to the next area in a cave with several burning areas.

On the far end of the path, before dropping down to the next section, is the ninth collectible.

Get it. This is the second Lore item for this mission.

Move towards the river now and into yet another broken train cargo cart. Punch through the destructible object and move forward on the linear path.

Once you have crossed the river, make your way up to the tail of the train.

Soon enough, you should see a glowing box. Shoot it down to get the tenth collectible. It will give you 52 Bucks.

After crawling down to the next cave section, look to your right towards a small opening. There lies the last collectible for this particular mission. Get it to receive 60 Bucks.

There you have it! That is all the collectibles in Evil West’s 1st mission. Now go out there and get them all!

Written by Borut Udovic

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