Expeditions: Rome All Skills & Abilities

Expeditions Rome All Skills & Abilities

The Expeditions video game series is a collection of great tactical turn-based RPG games that are focused on different time periods. The third installment in the franchise, Expeditions: Rome, has recently been released, and a lot of people have been loving it so far.

In Expeditions: Rome, you take the role of a young Roman commander who slowly rises through the ranks and faces different battles to reclaim his forgotten legacy. You choose your decisions and tell your own story. Each decision you make matters and will help shape the future of Rome.

The game features different skills and abilities that you can unlock depending on the class you choose. They are all unique and provide different values on the battlefield. To help you plan the best set of skills and abilities for your playstyle, we’ve listed all of the skills and abilities in Expeditions: Rome.

All Skills & Abilities in Expeditions: Rome

Each ability and skill within the game are dependent on the class and subclass that you choose. We’ve decided to divide everything according to their respective classes and subclasses to easily find the skills you are looking for.

Princeps Skills and Abilities

Princeps is the tank class in Expeditions: Rome. They are durable, have more health, and can absorb damage like a sponge. They guard the front lines using heavy armor, shields, and one-handed swords or spears. They are quite immobile, making them committed to the fights they take.


  • Brace (Active) – Regain 2 stacks of strong. For each stack, 25% of the character’s Shield strength is restored at the beginning of the turn. One stack is lost for every hit. Upgrade: Regain 4 stacks of strong.
  • Fortress (Passive) – Brace restores 25% Shield Strength per Stack of Strong.
  • Protect (Active) – All direct damage dealt to a friendly adjacent unit will be halved and shared between Princeps and the target. Armour is applied separately, and resistance rolls are separate as well.
  • Guardian Angel (Passive) – Protect now redirects status effects towards the protecting character.
  • Bastion (Passive) – +10 to all resistances. Maximum resistance increased from 50% to 60%.
  • Repair (Active) – Applies jury-rigged to Princeps. Immune to status effects which affect shields. Removes shield-broken, exposed, and sundered. Has 3 charges.
  • Shake It Off (Passive) – 20% chance of automatically curing a status effect affecting the Princeps. Upgrade 1 increases the chance to 30%. Upgrade 2 increases the chance to 50%.
  • Shield Wall (Active) – Applies Shield Walled and Exhausted. Then restores Shield Strength to full. Shield walled increases Shield Strength Maximum to 250% and exhausted removes all strong stacks. Has 1 charge.


  • Hardened (Passive) – Increases maximum health by 10%. The upgrade increases it to 20%.
  • The Best Defense (Passive) – 20% shield damage at full Shield Strength. The upgrade increases it to 40%.
  • Taunt (Active) – Forces an enemy to attack the taunting character at the start of their turn. Range: six hexes.
  • Bull Rush (Active) – Shield damage. Move-in a straight line, knocking down enemies and allies alike. Knocks them all down.
  • Frighten (Active) – -10 morale to all enemies within range. 2 Hex radius of effect.
  • Flawless Defence (Active) – Applies defending status to princeps, increasing all resistance to the highest value of them all. The maximum resistance is improved by 10% but costs three movement.
  • Adrenaline Junkie (Passive) – +50% damage when health is less than 25% of Maximum Health.
  • Avenger (Passive) – When an ally is incapacitated or killed, Shield Strength is restored to full, and damage is increased by 20% for the rest of the battle.


  • Nimble (Passive) – Lowers movement penalty incurred by light or heavier armor by -1. The upgrade increases it by -2.
  • Headbutt (Active) – Unarmed damage?. Sets movement to 0. Applies weakened. If the target is already weakened or harried, it is stunned instead. Charges: 3.
  • Battering Ram (Passive) – +1 base damage to equipped shields. The upgrade increases it to +3.
  • War Cry (Active) – Applies stunned to enemies in one hex radius. The upgrade increases the area of effect to two hexes.
  • Knockdown (Active) – Shield damage. Applies knockdown.
  • Opportunist (Passive) – Attacks of opportunity now apply a weakened effect as well. Upgrade stuns target as well.
  • Stand Fast (Active) – Standing fast effect applies to allies within a 2 hex radius, making them immune to crippled, stun, stuck, and knockdown.
  • Immoveable (Passive) – Grants immunity from being moved by rebuke, shove, Shield Push, Push and Shove, and Counter-Advance.

Veles Skills and Abilities

  • Veles is a versatile class that has great mobility, high damage output, and decent durability. They are a great choice if you’re unsure which class to play since they provide a little bit of everything. They are most efficient with medium armor and dual-wield daggers.


  • Cheap Shot (Active) – Applies savage to self. The next attack will be a critical hit. Costs 2 focus.
  • Assassinate (Passive) – +40% damage against enemy leaders (every character with laurels in their portrait).
  • Focus Master (Passive) – Increases Focus’ maximum by 1 point. The upgrade increases it by two points.
  • Rush (Active) – Restore action point. Costs 6 focus. Charges: 2. Upgrade decreases focus cost to 5 and amount of charges to three.
  • Lone Wolf (Passive) – Critical chance is doubled, and dodge rate increased by 20% points when allies are six more hexes away from Veles.
  • Sneak Attack (Active) – Damage off-hand weapon/Unarmed. Generates one focus. Sneak attack deals +50% damage first two turns. The upgrade increases damage to +100%.
  • Marathon (Passive)  – Applies inexhaustible to self, which grants unlimited movement until the character stops moving.
  • First Strike (Passive) – Increases damage to targets with full health by 50%.


  • Shiv (Active) – Makes a quick off attack at half damage, which does not require action points. Costs 3 focus.
  • Bloodthirsty (Passive) – Killing an enemy grants one stack of Bloodthirsty. Increases damage by 5%. The upgrade increases it by 15%.
  • Kill on Ground (Active) – Finish off an incapacitated enemy and inflict -10 morale on nearby enemies. 5 hex radius. Costs 2 focus, no action point. Charges: 3.
  • Quick-Witted (Passive) – Increases focus points inflicted by attacks from one point to two points.
  • Born ready (Passive) – Grants 30% focus at the start of the battle. Second upgrade increases to 60%. Third upgrade increases to 100%.
  • Dodge (Active) – The next attack against the character has a 50% chance of missing and not dealing damage or status effects when dodged. Costs 4 focus.
  • Slippery (Passive) – Dodge will last until the beginning of the character’s next turn instead of the end of the first attack.
  • Duel (Active) – Calls out a specific enemy, making your next attack more powerful and inflicting stunned and bleeding effect. Range: 12 hexes. Costs one action point, 1 charge, and two focus. Charges: 1.


  • Tactical Advantage (Active) – Character will not incur opportunistic attacks while moving. Costs 3 focus. Upgrade increase movement by +3.
  • Clear Path (Passive) – Upon killing a target, replenish 3 movement points for nearby allies. 2 hex radius.
  • Pugilist (Passive) – +1 focus per attack when using unarmed skills.
  • Reaper (Active) – With this effect active, Veles restores action point when killing an enemy, resets skills, and restores movement. Costs 2 focus. Charges: 1.
  • Pankration (Passive) – Increases unarmed damage by 100%.
  • Feint (Active) – Move through a hex occupied by an enemy, ending up in the hex behind them. Requires one movement, no action points.
  • Boast (Active) – Applies boosting. When killing an enemy, allies gain +10 morale. When failing to do so, all enemies gain +10 morale. Costs 2 focus. Upgrade grants the effect of savage if successful.
  • Reliable (Passive) – Glancing blow refunds the action point you spent. The upgrade allows glancing blow to deal double damage.

Sagittarius Skills and Abilities

The Sagittarius is the archer class in Expeditions: Rome. They are the only ranged class in the game. So, if you want to play the distance game and deal damage from long ranges, Sagittarius is definitely the class for you. They are very mobile, but also quite fragile.

They stay behind lines and let their tankier and more durable allies do all the fighting while they shoot arrows from afar. The best armor type for Sagittariuses is light armor, and their best weapon is a bow. Their range is determined by their overall accuracy.


  • Interrupt (Active) – the archer’s attack the next target, which moves within the 120 degrees cone in front of it. Range is 12 hexes. Upgrade increases cone to 160 degrees.
  • Vigilant (Passive) – Increases amount of shots the Interrupt ability takes from one to two.
  • Gracing Shot (Active) – Applies gracing to self. The next attack will deal slashing damage. Upgrade increases damage by +50%. Charges: 3
  • Steady Hands (Passive) – 100% critical chance for all ranged reaction attacks (Interrupt and Overwatch).
  • Point Blank (Passive) – 100% critical chance for all ranged attack to adjacent opponents.
  • Rebuke (Active) – 3 bludgeoning damage. Pushes target one hex away, if there is space behind. Upgrade doubles damage.
  • Powerful Kick (Passive) – Rebuke will now also apply knocked down enemies. Upgrade increases knock down duration and applies tactical to archer.
  • Overwatch (Active) – Evey time an enemy attacks an ally within range, archer shoots the enemy. Can target each enemy only once. Weapon damage. Area of effect is 6 hexes. Deflected by shield. Charges: 1.


  • Quick Shot (Active) – Shoots two arrows at two targets with -30% accuracy (less range and damage) and a 30% chance to miss. Weapon damage, deflected by shields.
  • Lure (Active) – Bludgeoning damage (unarmed?). Prevents the target from using cover with lured effect. Range 6 hexes.
  • Pinning Shots (Passive) – All ranged hits within two hexes apply a crippling effect. The second upgrade increases the range to four hexes. The final upgrade increases the range to six hexes.
  • Barrage (Active) – Every time the archer shoots a target, they regain their action point. Accuracy is reduced by 33%. Charges: 1. Requires action point as well?
  • Versatile (Passive) – Performing an attack applies versatile. When dealing melee damage, the next ranged attack will deal +50% extra damage and be reversed.
  • Skirmisher (Passive) – Versatile has a 100% critical chance if the previous attack killed the target.
  • Arrow Stab (Active) – Weapon damage. Attack an adjacent target for half damage but inflict bleeding. If being flanked, targets also become stunned.
  • Find Weakness (Passive) – Next attack will inflict a bleeding, weakened or harried effect. The upgrade increases the knockdown duration and applies tactical to the archer.


  • Ranging Shot (Active) – Applies spotted effect in two hex radius. Spotted targets will receive full damage, despite the distance.
  • Spotter (Passive) – Ranged shots now shoots two arrows.
  • Eagle Eye (Active) – Full ranged damage at any distance up to maximum range. Charges: 1.
  • Seize Ground (Passive) – Start combat with double the movement for the first two turns. Killing a target further away than 12 hexes replenishes a charge of a random skill.
  • Marksman (Passive) – +2 accuracy and range. Upgrades increases it to +4.
  • Mark Target (Active) – Applies marked effect to the target. The next ranged attack will deal double damage. Upgrades increases damage by 250%.
  • Walk Your Shots (Passive) – +2 optimal range. Does not affect the maximum range. The upgrade increases it another +2.
  • Assist (Active) – Weapon damage. Target provokes an attack of opportunity as if they have moved. Charges: 3.

Triarius Skills and Abilities

Finally, we have the Triarius class. Most people consider the Triarius class as the most balanced class. They usually offer support to their allies using their different skills and abilities. They have relatively decent stats all across the board. They deal decent damage, have okay durability, and decent mobility as well.

The Triarius class can heal or buff allies, provide crowd-control, deal debuffs to opponents, and shred enemies’ armors. They work well with strong armor and a two-handed weapon in the Pike and Staff.


  • Field Medic (Active) – +25% more health restored when healing. Upgrade: 50% more health restored when healing.
  • Cure (Active) – Removes the status effects bleeding, burned, burning, and poisoned from an ally. Charges: 2
  • Good as New (Passive) – Cure now also restores 25% of the total health.
  • Interference (Passive) – When an enemy in this character’s range attacks an ally, this character may perform an attack of opportunity.
  • Logistics (Active) – Increases allies’ movement by 2 within a 3 hex radius. Charges: 3 Upgrade: increases movement by 3 within a 4 hex radius.
  • Poisoner (Passive) – 5% chance that any attacks inflict Poison. Upgrade: Increases chance to 10%.
  • Revive (Passive) – Bring an incapacitated ally back in action with 25% health. Charges: 3 Revived character may move but does not have any action point on that turn. Upgrade: Increases to 50% health.


  • War Horn (Active) – Boosts damage of allies by 25% for two turns. Upgrade: Effect lasts three turns. 2 Charges.
  • Guidance (Passive) – Downing an enemy grants +3 morale for allies within three hexes. Upgrade: morales increases +5.
  • Ruse (Active) – All enemies within the area of effect will move out of the area. Range, 8 hexes, 1 hex radius (7 hexes in total). 2 charges.
  • Embarrassing Ruse (Passive) – Ruse now also lowers morale by -10 of the enemies within the hexes. Upgrade: morale decreased by -20.
  • Bolstering Presence (Passive) – You gain bolstering presence, which grants all adjacent allies the effect bolstered. This allows them to not fail morale checks.
  • Inspire (Active) – Grants an ally who has spent their action point a new one. Provokes attack of opportunity. Range: 8 hexes. 3 charges.
  • Orator (Passive) – Inspire does now also reset the ally’s skills.
  • Rousing Speech (Active) – Restore 4 health or 25% of the total health of allies in a 6 hex radius. Upgrade: increase charges to 2.


  • Deathblow (Active) – Strike, which deals 50% additional damage against stunned, knocked down, sundered, and stuck characters. Upgrade: double damage against above enemies.
  • Shredder (Passive) – Increases armor shredding to two points.
  • Reckless (Active) – Reckless effect applied, which increases base damage by 50% and armor shredding by one point. No resistances, cannot use tactical weapons. Upgrade: increases base damage by 100%.
  • Sunder (Active) – Sets the character’s shield strength to 0 before dealing damage. The attack cannot be resisted. Applies a sundering effect.
  • Fortune Favored (Passive) – Increases critical hit chance by 5%. Upgrade: increases chance by 10%.
  • Quick Lunge (Active) – Low damage attack which cripples enemies, does not shred armor. Range: 2 hexes.
  • Quick Feet (Passive) – You no longer trigger attacks of opportunity when moving around enemies. Only when disengaging from combat.
  • Finisher (Active) – Attacking a stuck enemy, knocked down, or stunned restores health by 10%. Killing them restores the action point and resets the deathblow skill. Upgrade: restores 20% health.

Those were all the different skills and abilities in Expeditions: Rome. Make sure to plan out the skills that you want to get before unlocking them.

Written by Borut Udovic

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