F1 Manager 22: How To Get 100% Setups The Easy Way!

F1 Manager 22 is the official racing management simulation game that allows one to manage the drivers and rosters of their constructor team and lead them to victory. Every decision or strategy you choose will directly impact the performance of your team out on the track

This guide will tell you how to get 100% setups easily in the game.

How To Get 100% Setups The Easy Way in F1 Manager 22

At the beginning of the weekend, you can see that our performance bonus is 0/15. This isn’t the bonus you will pay your drivers in cash.

Maximizing this bonus will allow you to get 15 driver points and on the right, you can check the column called Performance Bonus. If you manage to get the Bonus Distribution to 15 or near 15, it will allocate those points to the driver’s ability allowing your drivers to drive better with a better setup.

But getting to 100% setup is the part where most people face trouble.

For example let’s take Max Verstappen’s car and here you will notice blue bars in the middle screen and it is a sort of a mini-game in itself where you need to make adjustments.

We have these blue bars and the optimal setup is somewhere within those blue bars so you will need to adjust them for the first practice session itself.

It is important that you give your drivers enough laps so they can give you proper feedback based on that results. It is recommended that you give atleast 20 laps or more to your driver so you can get adequate feedback and then tweak the setup accordingly.

Once you have tweaked the setup, start the practice session with atleast 20 laps so your drivers can provide you with proper feedback based on their experience. Just send out your drivers and fast forward the time

For a driver to give you proper feedback, they need to give you 5 comments while the session is active.

Both of your drivers will provide you with 5 comments and once you get 5/5 comments you can call them back to improve the setup.

As you can see that we received the feedback from Verstappen and he is 90% confident with our setup.

We can now adjust our setup further to make it more appealing and confidence-inspiring for our drivers.

The current markers will be more or less in the same range as our previous markers and we can adjust them further to check whether the confidence in the setup improves further or gets worse.

Since we have 90% high confidence, we will just need to work and improve it a little bit to reach 100% confidence.

Initiating another practice session is the best way to further gauge the impressions of our drivers.

Another thing worth noting is that different drivers will reach differently to your car setup. For example, Sergio Perez has only 64% confidence as compared to 90% by Max Verstappen for the same car setup.

When you are moving the markers, you will know whether it’s wise to move these markers to gain more confidence or not so make sure that you keep them within the blue bands. There are mostly two options that affect the performance of the car on straights: Front Wing Angle and Rear Wing Angle.

A rear wing angle has a major impact on your setup so it’s important that you adjust it first and then proceed to make changes to the front wing angle. This is because once you adjust the changes, you won’t be able to adjust your straight setup anymore.

We can now see that Perez’s confidence in the setup has been further reduced to 45% and the markers are now out of the optimal range. Since our straight setup is out of the optimal range, we need to start with the rear wing angle and front wing angle.

If you don’t optimize your straight line setup within the optimal blue bars, you won’t be able to achieve a 100% setup.

Where the feedback received is bad, you will need to move the marker far away from the previous location while still staying within the optimal ranges. You can find out the optimal range for the setup by fast-forwarding to FP3 where the bars will be shrunk down a lot.

You will basically need to constantly tinker around with these markers. If your setup feedback was bad then move it away and if it was great or optimal then leave it in the current position.

If you receive Optimal feedback then it is great news as optical lies somewhere between the green band and the white bar.

You will need to make smaller changes to the car to further improve the setup.

Now that we received 99% confidence after making some small tweaks to the setup, we just need to adjust the Toe-out and Anti Roll Distribution options to get 100% driver confidence.

By the end of the process, you should be more focused on getting an optimal setup to find the best range instead of achieving 100% confidence.

This is because you can easily attain 100% confidence once you know which markers to tweak.

The whole process is a like mini-game where you need to find the perfect range for the markers and use the current as well as the previous best ranges.

You will also start receiving a performance bonus if you manage to adjust these markers correctly.

That’s it, now go ahead and make some changes to your setup to attain 100% confidence!

Written by Borut Udovic

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