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Fall Guys | How to Add Friends

Fall Guys - How to Add Friends

Now that Fall Guys has gone free-to-play, there’s more than enough reason to grab your friends and jump into a group game to secure a crown. However, getting your friends together can be a little tough, especially if you don’t know how to add friends to the game. Fortunately, the process isn’t as complicated as you might expect.

How to Add Friends in Fall Guys

How to Add Friends in Fall Guys

So, you wanna add friends in Fall Guys? Well, you’re in luck! Since Fall Guys is now cross-platform, players from every console can now join in on the fun. The zero-dollar price tag certainly doesn’t hurt either! Ever since Epic Games bought out Mediatonic, the developers behind Fall Guys, the friend’s list system, as well as the username system, now run on Epic Games’ network.

This means that you’ll need to use Epic’s social platform. To add friends from the main menu, head to the social tab indicated by the small pink icon at the bottom middle of the screen. When you open this tab, you’ll be able to search for and add friends based on their Epic Games name. Searching for a friend, and then sending them a friend request will allow you to add them to your list.

Then, it’s as simple as inviting them to the party, and they’ll be able to play with you once they accept your invitation.

As for what you can do with your friends, you can play with up to four people. You can take on Fall Guy’s original free for all mode, and watch as you and your friends are whittled down to the last one standing who claims the crown.

Or, take on squad mode. Where you and your merry band of beans can conquer challenges as a team, and win as a team too. However, you cannot win the full crown in this mode. The game will only allow teams to win Crown Fragments. These fragments will turn into full crowns once you find enough pieces.

Written by Andrew Smith