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Fall Guys | Not Getting Rewards Error

Fall Guys not getting rewards error

As the first month of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout comes to a close, the game’s struggles with server problems continue. While it started with the servers simply not being strong enough to handle so many players, the latest issues may cause even more outrage: Not getting rewards. The technical response has been fast, but there’s still a lot at risk for players with wonky connections.

Fall Guys Not Getting Rewards | Is there a fix?

Fall Guys not getting rewards error fix

As with other battle royale games, Fall Guys uses a Season and Ranking system: Players play through matches and earn XP to level up and earn new rewards. The amount of points earned depends on how long a player lasts in a match, but every little bit helps. With the new server problems, players have reported not getting rewards after game crashes that tend to occur at the Elimination screen. Without points, players can’t level up and unlock new items for their avatar.

Unfortunately, there’s not much in the way of a fix. The not getting rewards error is something related to server problems, meaning it’s up to the developers to sort the issue out.

This issue also affects another reward, the Kudos currency. Earned alongside XP points, Kudos are used to purchase available and unlocked items from the Fall Guys store. Unless players are willing to spend actual cash on Kudos piles, the servers may stop them from being able to buy any items at all.

The goal of Fall Guys is to make it to the final round for a shot at the Crown. Aside from marking wins, Crowns are useful for buying Legendary items which can rotate daily and are usually limited. Earning Crowns connects directly to multiple trophies and achievements which puts any Completionist goals in jeopardy. Reports of servers crashing after players have won and not receiving Crowns have started to appear at a concerning rate.

The folks behind Fall Guys are trying to minimize the damage by putting in a login safeguard: Storing match results at the point of crash so that players can receive their missing items at the next login. While this has worked to a degree, its inconsistent effectiveness and delayed results has players on edge. Here’s hoping Fall Guys can bring some order back to their chaotic contest.

Written by Andrew Smith