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Fall Guys Season 1 Crossover Skins | TF2, Portal, and More

Fall Guys Crossover Skins - Season 1

Mediatonic has recently announced Season 2 of the hit battle royale Fall Guys. Because of that, we prepare to say goodbye to Season 1. In retrospect, the first season did amazingly, and came with a bunch of references to popular Steam games. The Fall Guys crossover skins are all unique, but are currently only from Valve games or Steam smash-hits. We’ve rounded up all of the skins for Fall Guys that are characters from another game!

Fall Guys | All Season 1 Crossover Skins

In Season 1, Mediatonic released seven Fall Guys crossover skins based off of significant Steam properties. All Crossover skins cost Crowns to purchase. If you want to get them, either save the ones from your Season Pass, or get some crowns yourself!

  • Alyx (10 Crowns/5 Each): Alyx is the female lead in Half-Life 2, and the main character in Half-Life: Alyx. She’s the only purchasable Half-Life skin, because Gordan Freeman is lost to time.
  • Bulletkin (10 Crowns/5 Each): Bulletkin are a species in Enter the Gungeon. They’re typically an enemy, that’s a living bullet.
  • Chell (10 Crowns/5 Each): Chell is the main character in the Portal games. This gives your fall guy a skin suit and a wig… Huh.
  • Jacket (10 Crowns/5 Each): Jacket is the main character in Hotline Miami, an ultra-violent murder game. Neat!
  • P-Body (10 Crowns/5 Each): P-Body is one of the two characters in the Portal coop games. You get to become a plump little robot. Awesome! But something tells me Mediatonic might be a fan of a specific game.
  • Scout (10 Crowns/5 Each): Scout is a class in the Team Fortress game series. He’s fast in his series… But, doesn’t get any speed bonuses in Fall Guys.
  • Gordon Freeman (Pre-Order Only, Steam Only): Gordon Freeman is only available on Steam. You had to pre-order the game to get him. Sorry!

To conclude Season 1, these are the seven skins that are clearly crossovers. There are small references in other skins, but none of those are specifically called crossovers. So, we won’t count them here.

Are There Season 2 Crossovers?

There have been some leaks of new Fall Guys skins – including the Messenger from The Messenger – but these are not confirmed. However, they might be coming in Season 2. Plus, it seems that Mediatonic is very open to developers pitching their own skins… for some charity work. And don’t worry, Playstation Skins are probably coming soon.

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Written by Andrew Smith