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Is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout on Xbox?

Fall Guys Xbox Game Pass

If you keep up with gaming news, odds are you’ve heard of the game Fall Guys over the past few weeks, and that’s because everyone seems to be playing it. With a massive player base on PlayStation 4 and Steam, there are a lot of gamers wondering if Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available on Xbox and if it will be coming to Game Pass. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Is Fall Guys on Xbox Game Pass?

Fall Guys Crossover Skins - Season 1
No, Fall Guys is not available on Game Pass nor is it currently on any Xbox system. Further, it seems that there are no public plans to bring the game to Xbox in the immediate future. However, developers haven’t ruled out an Xbox release at some point “down the line.”

On the official website, Mediatonic shared, “To start with, Fall Guys will only be available on PS4 and Steam. We’d love to bring the game to other platforms further down the line.” So while this doesn’t rule out a Fall Guys Xbox release in the future, it certainly doesn’t indicate one any time soon.

Fall Guys released in early August as part of the monthly PS Plus lineup of games and quickly began to become popular on the platform. Soon after that, Steam users caught onto the trend, and the game quickly rose up the ranks and is now the most successful Devolver Digital title to date. With tons of different team games, players have plenty to do to pass the time as they compete against their friends to be the last one standing and earn the coveted crown.

If you haven’t checked out the game yet, Fall Guys will be free for the remainder of August for PS Plus subscribers and can be purchased on Steam for $20. If you think you may be interested, it’s worth grabbing it while it’s free, because that may not be the case in the future — unless there is a Fall Guys Xbox Game Pass release one day in the future (wink wink).

Written by Andrew Smith