Fallout 76: Holotape | Audio Holotape Locations

Whether you’re a completionist or a lore lover, you might want to pick up these holotapes whenever you come across them. They’re basically tapes of other people that have previously lived there and each on is with a rich and deep story. Furthermore, it’s safe to say that, there are a lot of these puppies in post-apocalyptic West Virginia.

Some have higher significance and others are not really that important.

Audio Holotape Locations – Fallout 76

To keep things as straight to the point as possible, these holotapes will be part of some side quests as well. They’re a part of them in terms of objectives or clues, so they’re not just a simple collectible.

Nevertheless, here are all audio tape locations in Fallout 76:

  • WWWP. You can find a holotape in the underground maintenance location at Wavy Willard’s Water Park. This will start another side quest.
  • Soldier’s Story. This one can be found at an entrance to the Wendigo Cave. It outlines a story with a soldier and a monster.
  • Too Much Noise. It can be acquired at Cow Spots Creamery. This is somewhat of a meme holotape.
  • The Mothman Cometh. In Mothman Museam, on the countertop inside.
  • Safe For Work. This is a quest for which you’ll need to pick up five holotapes at the Morgantown Airport. The holotapes are located at: the triage center, processing center, training exercise, control tower, and medical center.
  • Mount Blair. This one can be found on the top of Mount Blair where you’ll also find Evan.
  • Welch. This holotape is located in Evan’s house in Welch.
  • VaultTec University. There’s one in the main building of Vault-Tec University. The main building is the one in the middle and it has a vault mockup at its entrance.
  • Morgantown Highschool.
  • Sutton. You can find on the second floor- blue house, at the Sutton complex.
  • VaultTec Agricultural Research Center. It can be found at the entrance on the desk.
  • Top Of The World. At the elevator there. This is an important piece of lore.
  • Mountainside. Located on a table at Mountainside Bed and Breakfast.
  • McClintock. You can find a recording of the Overseer at the main building at this camp.
  • Grafton. A recording of hate against Grafton can be found at Grafton Dam.
  • Free State. This is also significant piece of lore. Find it outside of Abbie’s Bunker.
  • Order Of Mysteries. At Riverside Manor, players can find upwards of eleven holotapes. Each will be for different quests or side quests. Here are the holotapes that you’ll need to find:
    • Production Log 194, 209 & 212
    • Rank Initiate
    • Infirmary Log
    • Pleasant Valley
    • Rank Seeker
    • Phantom Device
    • Blade Of Bastet
    • Voice Of Set
  • Light Er’ Up. At Gauley Mine, near tracks.
  • Interloper. Point Pleasant, opposite of the bus stop, in an apartment.
  • Gym Session Notes. Green Country Lodge, on a shelf in a workout area.
  • Flatwoods Tavern Purchase Order History. Inside of a locker at Flatwoods.
  • Damaged Holotape. You’ll need to find a body at the Tygart Water Treatment location. You obtain the holotape from the body.
  • Christmas Plans. Inside of the Charleston Capitol Building.
  • Blank Holotapes. There are four blank holotapes at Sugar Grove. Three of them are recordings of monsters.
  • Alpine River Cabins Complaint. Near one of the cabins at Alpine River Cabins.

Most of the holotapes from above will not be part of any main or side quests, but they’re still relatively important if you want to collect them all, or enjoy a bit of lore.

Written by Borut Udovic

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