Far Cry 6: 1968 Garin Vorona C Helicopter Location | How To Get

One vehicle which players can get in this game is the 1968 Garin Vorona C Helicopter. This helicopter has all the bells and whistles needed for the harsh worlds of this game. But where do you find and how do you get this amazing piece of machinery? Well, we’ll outline the helicopter’s location, as well as how to get it!

1968 Garin Vorona C Helicopter Location – Far Cry 6

This is probably the strongest and meanest helicopter in Far Cry 6. It is highly advanced with missles and machine guns, so it is definitely one to keep for the long run.

Plus, players can get it easily and stealthy. The 1968 Garin Vorona C helicopter is located at the Velazco Airstrip in Costa Del Mar:

Once you get there, it is pretty hard to miss this helicopter, as it is enourmous. There is a huge helipad for it as well. But be warned, there will be a lot of enemies here, as this is a hostile zone.

I suggest sneaking in and taking the helicopter while you’re hidden, as it is really easy to escape the Velazco Airstrip once you get in it.

After you get it, take the Garin Vorona C to a Vehicle Pickup Point. After doing so, you’ll be able to call it for delievery from any Vehicle Pickup Point on the map.

It is bullet proof, but it isn’t blast proof, so be careful.

Written by Borut Udovic

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