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Far Cry 6 | A Rising Tide Puzzle Solution

Far Cry 6 A Rising Tide Puzzle Solution

There are plenty of quests in Far Cry 6 of varying degrees of difficulty. From basic story missions to intense optional bases, you’ll find yourself taking on all sorts of opportunities. That being said, not all quests are made equal. And one of them is A Rising Tide, whose puzzle solution can be an absolute chore to work through. Thankfully, if you’re willing to cheat the system a bit, the code is the same every time.

A Rising Tide Puzzle Solution – Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 A Rising Tide Puzzle Solution

If you’d like to find the solution to A Rising Tide by yourself, you need to look for a series of named boats with numbers from El Este onwards. You can learn this order from a burnt note under the building which has the locked door from the quest. Alternatively, you can check the numbers on each boat to learn the order. The boats, in order, are in El Tigre del Mar, Pai Chulo, El Lucky, Clarita, and Roja Victoria. Hit their buttons in that order to unlock the door and get the additional loot.

The boats are named and can be found around town. However, the note under the building is significantly more clear! The boats aren’t even all labeled correctly; the Papi Chulo has a “not equal to” sign on it, so it’s not actually number 5. Just stick with the solution above by hitting the buttons within the building, and you’ll solve the puzzle.

With the door opened, you’ll get the reward. The Camo Quinceañera is a decent early-game assault rifle with alright modification power. It’s a soft round gun, and it has a tactical sight and laser pointer. Not awful! But the damage is awful if you find it even in the midgame.

Whether you’re going for collection or not, the Camo Quinceañera is a decent tactical weapon. Try to get it early on if you want to get the most out of it.

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Written by Andrew Smith