Far Cry 6: Collect Crocodile Meat | Who’s A Good Boy Guide

Along the way, you might come across the “Who’s A Good Boy” operation, which is the quest to get the Chorizo amigo in the game, the cutest pet in the game by far. One of the objectives for this quest will be to collect crocodile meat for Chorizo, in the hopes that he likes it. But where do you get this crocodile meat from?

Collect Crocodile Meat | Who’s A Good Boy – Far Cry 6

Now, you have to indeed, hunt some crocodiles to get some meat. Therefore, you’ll have to find a good hunting spot for crocodiles.

They’re very tricky to take down, mainly because of how fast they make their way to you. But that’s not an issue if you’re hunting them with an AK. Basically, once you get this objective, go to the following hunting spot:

Once you’re there, you’ll be able to spot some crocodiles in the water, or under the shade on the smaller pieces of land.

Use any means necessary to take them down. Like I said, they’re very fast, so keep your distance as much as possible. The crocodile meat will be picked up automatically once you walk over the crocodile when its down, there is no need to skin it.

Written by Borut Udovic

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