Far Cry 6: Fetch Quest Guide & Full Walkthrough

One quest which most players are trying to get over quickly is the quest from the Chorizo mission-line. It is the “Fetch” mission, and in it, Chorizo is trying to show you something. But for some weird reason, while this quest is pretty straightforward, many can get stuck easily. What continues is a full walkthrough and guide for the Fetch quest.

Fetch Quest Guide & Full Walkthrough – Far Cry 6

It does seem like this quest is buggy in some cases. For some players, the items that Chorizo leads to or digs up are nowhere to be found.

I’m not sure how widespread this issue is, but I do know of a couple of cases like this. Anyhow, to complete the Fetch quest in Far Cry 6, simply follow Chorizo and pick up anything that he leads you to, or digs up.

The first item will be relatively close, and it will be a supremo-bond. It is weird that a dog buries this up, but hey, a free item.

The next one will be near one shed on the outside. This item will be buried as well. Once Chorizo digs it up, pick it up to get a couple of different meats.

The third one is in the shed, on a table. Chorizo will sit around until you pick up the mysterious key. Once you do, he’ll continue to the next item. The mysterious key is for a chest, located on a very small island called Guau-Guau in Isla Santuario.

The last two are pretty far. One in a shed and one buried once again. The second to last item will be gun powder, and the last one will be Chorizo’s tag, after which, Chorizo will be unlocked as an amigo/companion.

Written by Borut Udovic

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