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Far Cry 6 Village Stash Room | How to Unlock

Far Cry 6 Village Stash Room Guide

The people of Yara will continue to fight for freedom in Far Cry 6 to the point where they will openly support other rebellious Yarans. For the “A Rising Tide” treasure hunt, Dani will stumble upon a note that details a village stash room with noteworthy supplies. But in order to unlock the secret village stash room, you must press five buttons in a house in the correct sequence. Doing so will reward you with some nice provisions. We’ll show you how you can unlock this room with the notes below. Also, make sure you check out our guide for more notes on the “A Rising Tide” puzzle solution.

How to Unlock the Village Stash Room in Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 Unlock Secret Village Stash Room Code

To unlock the secret village stash room, you must press five buttons in a specific order. All five buttons will be inside the house where you commence “A Rising Tide” treasure hunt in the Yarabi village near the Robustas Hills in southern Sierra Perdida. To unlock the room, press these buttons in order: El Tigre del Mar, Papi Chulo, El Lucky, Clarita, and Roja Victoria. Once you’ve pressed these, you’ll hear a click, on which Dani will comment. You can then go into the secret room to receive some ammo and the Rank 2 Camo Quinceañera unique rifle. This will then conclude the treasure hunt.

If you’re unsure about the button sequence, you can always check underneath the house for a note that will basically give the answer to you. The treasure hunt asks that you look for the boats with the names on them, but you can skip this step. The main objective here is to press the name buttons in the correct order.

Each button will have a name next to it to help guide you through the tiny house. They should be pretty easy to spot. El Tigre del Mar will be by the La Moral flag next to the house’s back door. Papi Chulo is next to the front door, which is where you came in. El Lucky is right behind Papi Chulo on the table with radios. Clarita is on the DJ table with the map on the wall. Finally, Roja Victoria will be on a metal shelf with more radios behind the bar.

Far Cry 6 Camo Quinceanera Rifle

You’ll be getting a decent rifle out of this village stash room. The Rank 2 Camo Quinceañera is a unique weapon that comes with three primary attachments along with two additional mods. It’s equipped with a tactical scope, laser sight, and soft targeting rounds. So, if you’re looking to acquire a new rifle, make sure to open the chest in the village stash room.

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Written by Andrew Smith