FFXIV Chewy Minion Puppy | How to Get

FFXIV Chewy Minion Puppy - How to Get

Final Fantasy XIV is home to some of the cutest creatures alive. Minions are not only perfect for cosmetics, but to show how dedicated you are to the game. One of the newest minions added to FFXIV is the Chewy Minion. This adorable little pooch doesn’t seem to be anywhere, and yet it’s blowing up the market boards. If you don’t want to drop millions of gil on this little pooch, you’re going to have to look hard. We can help you, but it’ll take a lot of effort to get all the way there.

How to Get the Chewy Minion in FFXIV

How to Get the Chewy Minion in FFXIV

In order to get the Chewy Puppy Minion in FFXIV, you’re going to need to be a level 90 Botanist. You’ll also need to train one of your Retainers as a Botanist, because the Chewy Minion is only available through the Botanist Exploration Venture called Woodland Exploration XXVIII. Once you can send your retainer on this venture, there is a fairly rare chance that they’ll come back with a Chewy as a drop.

Unfortunately, like will almost all Venture minions, the price of the Chewy Minion has already dropped fairly hard. From the ten million or more at the start of the patch, we’re down to two million on Fairie. Considering that Ventures are basically free, though, this is still a gigantic investment. If you have a botanist at 90 and can get a retainer there, it’s worth your while!

It’ll also be worth training your retainers up to that point for the future. Retainers on the crafting side of FFXIV get the minions that sell for millions on patch release. Chewy is not the only one with this amount of revenue flow! If you have some regrets with not riding the Chewy wave, you should start training your retainers to go minion hunting in the future.

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Written by Andrew Smith