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FIFA 21 Negotiation Strictness | How to Make Transfers

Negotiation Strictness

If you’ve ever played a FIFA career mode, one thing sticks out — trading players is stupidly easy. You can get top talent for pitifully low cash, NPCs are way too quick to accept, and they’ll even trade players they just got. It’s one of the silliest parts of the game, but in FIFA 21, we got options to change things. Negotiation strictness keeps NPCs from trading in weird situations. If you want to know how it works, check out this guide!

How Does Negotiation Strictness Work in FIFA 21?

Negotiation strictness can be enabled in the options menu when you adopt a career. The option has two modes — loose, and strict. If you want a more realistic transfer system (where top players trade for realistic amounts), flip it from “loose” to “strict.”

Strictness involves a few new restrictions on trading. Players now cost a ton more money, depending on their legacy and stats. For example, the opposing managers may flat-out refuse you if their player is too important to their team! And players also get a little more personality as top talent won’t want to be on the bottom half of the club table. That’d be absurd!

There are also more clauses and details that the managers will produce for you. So, if you want a good player to join your club, you’ll need some actually decent bargaining skills!

That’s not to say there aren’t ways to cheese the system. After a while, you’ll learn the best timing to buy players, and what clauses give you the best monetary advantage. Even so, this will make your managing career much harder!

Also, the negotiation strictness option does not change things for NPCs. So, while you’re bargaining an arm and a leg for Silva, the other managers will pass around talent like footballs. Or soccer balls, if you prefer.

Written by Andrew Smith