FIFA 22: How to Create Kylian Mbappe

Now, of course, players cannot actually opt-in to play as real life footballers in Pro Clubs, but there is a recent trend in FIFA 22, where players try to recreate the looks and physical attributes of professional players. In short, players are creating lookalikes. Kylian Mbappe is one of the favorites, as this season, and the last one as well, his influence and popularity has grown quite a bit, even being liked by non-PSG fans.

How To Create Kylian Mbappe – FIFA 22

There are a lot of combinations that I’ve tried, but this one is the best lookalike I’ve come across. There might be some better attribute combinations, but you can play around and tweak it to your liking.

In the Head tab, in Tone & Complexion, I went with the following choice:

And as for the other tweaks, here’s how to create Kylian Mbappe in FIFA 22:

  • Brows. First choice in the list. For Color, the first one in the list as well, and for Morph, go with far and a bit down for Position & Separation, and out and a bit down for Protrusion & Rotation.
  • Eyes. We went with the 14th choice from the list for eyes. For the color, it is the second to last. For Morph, for Position & Size we went with a 50-50 up and large. As for Protrusion & Eyelids, go 50-50 with out and large.
  • Nose. Go with the 7th nose in the list. For Morph – Position & Size, go to the middle of up and slightly to the small side. As for Protrusion & Nose Bone, we only went to about a third of in.
  • Mouth. For the mouth, we went with the sixth one from behind. For Mouth Size in Morph, we went 50-50 large and small, and for Position & Protrusion we went 50-50 down and out, only slightly.
  • Cheeks & Jaw. For cheeks and jaw, go with the fourth one in the list. For Morph – Cheeks, go about a third in. For Jaw, go up two thirds, and slightly towards the thick side. For Fullness, go close to as little as possible.
  • Chin. The chin is the fifth one from the list. In Morph, for Size, go with full small, and a bit to the left. As for Protrusion & Fullness go 50-50 for small and out, to the max.
  • Ears. For ears, go with the last ones in the list. For Earlobe & Protrusion go 50-50 small and in to the max. As for Helix & Pitch, go with 50-50 for small and angled to the max.
  • Hair. Mbappe’s hair is the second one in the list. Color is also the second one in the list or the last one if you want the blue hairstyle Mbappe.

Again, as I said, tweak around and you might find some better options. But as far as I’ve found this is the best Mbappe lookalike build out there.

Written by Borut Udovic

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