Final Bosses in Resident Evil Ranked From Worst to Best

Some thrive on fear and the way it makes their blood pump. There is something that can be said about fighting a boss that leaves you with cold sweats, tense muscles, and a lingering feeling of dread once the game has been put away. Resident Evil is a series that offers this in spades. For the final bosses of resident Resident Evil to be successful, those battles should be scary, exciting, look cool visually, and satisfying to blow apart.

The Resident Evil series houses some incredibly iconic enemies. While the final bosses in Resident Evil may not always be the best boss battle in the game, they’re often large set-piece battles that test your prowess against a larger-than-life foe.

Once they’re gone, you’re almost always left with a satisfying ending, too. Here’s our ranking from worst to best of all the final bosses in Resident Evil.

Resident Evil 6 Final Bosses: Ustanak, Haos, and Derek Simmons

Leon's final battle in Resident Evil 6.
Photo Credit: Capcom

Resident Evil 6 received less than stellar reviews. The game isn’t awful, but for a series as storied and critically acclaimed as Resident Evil, you’d think it would be a little better than this.

As far as Resident Evil Bosses go, the sixth entry offers three final bosses thanks to its three main campaigns. 

While there’s definitely a level of creepiness and horror to all of them, the story behind much of it just isn’t great. Ustanak was a frail person who allowed himself to be experimented on to be more powerful.

HAOS was created in an underwater facility to spread the C-virus. Finally, there is Derek Simmons. He ends up being responsible for the destruction of Racoon City, but his ultimate goal ends up being that he just wants a clone of Ada Wong. He also turns into a terrifying creature, but ultimately, all three encounters are just as lackluster as the game itself.

Resident Evil 0 Final Boss: Queen Leech

Queen Leech ready to pounce in Resident Evil 0.
Photo Credit: Capcom

Resident Evil 0 offers a lot of great, atmospheric, and creepy moments from the opening scenes on the train to another mansion to explore. There are also some fairly epic boss battles, but sadly, the final boss of the game, Queen Leech, doesn’t stack up against other final Resident Evil bosses.

Queen Leech was James Marcus’ final creation before he died. It consumed his brain and gained access to his memories and sought revenge for his death. The final battle against Queen Leech comes in a couple of parts neither being overly inspired.

Queen Leech is creepy, but then again, most Resident Evil Bosses are. She gallops around like an overgrown German Shepherd mixed with a Pirrhana Plant before Billy fires the final shot from a magnum.

Resident Evil 3 Final Boss: Nemesis 

Nemesis's final form in Resident Evil 3.
Photo Credit: Capcom

The remake of Nemesis has a lot going for it, but it removes some of the best parts of the original. The final boss battle in the original is epic for the time, but looking back, it’s not nearly as grand as what is offered in the 2020 version. 

The remake uses the original as building blocks and creates an encounter with an almost laughably large and mutated Nemesis. He almost looks like the giant wall monster you encounter in the Temple of the Ancients in Final Fantasy 7. He certainly looks disgusting and cool, but there are much better, larger-scale final bosses in Resident Evil.

The best part is sticking the also laughably large gun into his mouth and firing. Turning someone into a bloody pile of ooze has never felt so good.

Resident Evil Remake Final Boss: Tyrant T-002 

Wesker looking at Tyrant in Resident Evil
Photo Credit: Capcom

The original Resident Evil was a game changer. Besides inventing the survival horror genre, it brought to gamers a number of iconic creatures, characters, and locations.

It also featured some poorly delivered lines and, at times, incredibly cheesy writing. Despite all that, it still holds a place as one of the best survival horror games of all time. Or, at least, the remake does.

The Tyrant is one of the more noteworthy boss battles in the series. The battle with him introduced being given a strong weapon near the end to finish off the final boss. It’s a gameplay device that would be implemented in many other Resident Evil boss battles as the series evolved. It’s still satisfying blowing him to bits with a rocket launcher.

Resident Evil 2 Final Boss: William Birkin on the Train 

Claire battling Birkin on the train in Resident Evil 2
Photo Credit: Capcom

Resident Evil 2 has some really incredible bosses. There are the various William Birkin battles plus the many encounters with the stalking Mr. X. If this was a list of best Resident Evil bosses in general and not a ranking of the final ones, this would likely rank higher. 

As cool as the final boss battle is in Resident Evil 2, it isn’t particularly difficult and mostly just involves some carefully aimed shots and the rest plays out in a cut scene. It is fun and effective, but less dynamic than the final encounters previously in the game.

It is satisfying killing him off and the encounter in the game is still infinitely better than the one with Birkin presented in the Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City movie. 

Resident Evil 7 Final Boss: Eveline

Eveline's final form in Resident Evil 7
Photo Credit: Capcom

Resident Evil 7 brings the game back to its horror roots after two mainline games that heavily emphasized the action. With it came a whole host of new creepy crawlies and one sadistic family. Over the course of the game, you learn the truth about Eveline – she was a bioweapon who tried to use her powers to start a family.

The final battle with Eveline is very much a set-piece battle, but it still feels impactful due to its scale. She isn’t the scariest boss in the game, that honor goes to Marguerite Baker, but she is creepy. It begins with Eveline rapidly aging before turning into a Molded and consuming the entire house.

It is very much a stand-there-and-shoot battle, but it feels more satisfying than Birkin on the train or Nemesis.

Resident Evil 5 Final Boss: Albert Wesker

Moments before Wesker screams Chris for the millionth time in Resident Evil 5.
Photo Credit: Capcom

After the success of Resident Evil 4, Capcom knew they needed to capitalize on the popularity of its more action-focused success. Resident Evil 5 isn’t bad, but it does rely a little too heavily on action, quick-time-events, and is really missing out on the horror. Despite that, getting to finish off Albert Wesker in a volcano is pretty epic.

Even with the boulder punching and pushing, going up against a mutated Wesker is satisfying as you snipe, shotgun, and get yelled at continuously.

The scene’s cheesy dialogue honestly adds to the fun and campiness of the battle. Then, getting to see him consumed by lava as he yells CHRIS at you is the icing on the cake. 

Resident Evil Code: Veronica Final Boss: Alexia Ashford 

Alexia Ashford in the Darkside Chronicles.
Photo Credit: Capcom

Code: Veronica is a bit of an underrated gem in the grander Resident Evil anthology. Capcom originally released it just on the Dreamcast, but it later found its way to PS2. The game follows Claire and Chris Redfield as they attempt to survive in a viral outbreak in an Antarctica-based science facility. It also introduces one of the most memorable and difficult bosses in Resident Evil

Alexia, a literal genius and clone of Veronica Ashford, was the creator of the T-Virus. Eventually, she realized she could harness the power of the virus by going into cryogenic suspension for fifteen years. Upon release, she was supreme and powerful.

Alexia Ashford, like many bosses, has several phases. Each is more deadly and grotesque than the one before. 

Resident Evil Village Final Boss: Mother Miranda

Mother Miranda starring into the player's eyes in Resident Evil Village.
Photo Credit: Capcom

One of the biggest successes in Resident Evil Village comes in the form of its epic boss fights. Resident Evil Village does a great job at balancing a slightly more action-oriented approach with some truly grotesque horror moments. Hello, giant wailing baby? Its final boss feels like a satisfying final fight in a game with many exciting battles.

Mother Miranda is devastatingly beautiful, full of sorrow, and scary all at once. There is some beautiful religious imagery in her design as well which makes some sense with her being the leader of the cult-like religion in the mountain village. While the battle itself isn’t super dynamic, it looks and feels like a well-deserved final boss in Resident Evil.

Resident Evil 4 Final Boss: Osmund Saddler 

Leon ready to fight Saddler's final form.
Photo Credit: Capcom

Resident Evil 4 changed the landscape of the Resident Evil series forever. Thanks to its finessed, fast-paced battles and action-based gameplay, gamers fell in love with Leon’s newest adventure. It is still looked to today as an iconic game, and it’s one of the best survival horror games ever

The final battle against Osmund Saddler features a grotesque and frighteningly gross Saddler to kill. There are also multiple ways to damage and defeat him. It combines the best parts of a giant set-piece battle with horror elements in his design and the varied gameplay needed to take him down. It’s not a park and bark like other final Resident Evil bosses. 

Do you agree with our final bosses in Resident Evil list? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you agree with and what you’d change.


  • Casey David Muir-Taylor

    Casey grew up in the deep south but now resides in the Midwest. He is a fan of JRPGs, survival horror, and story-driven games and believes video games offer the best form of escapism. He is a freelance writer and social media manager.

Casey David

Written by Casey David Muir-Taylor

Casey grew up in the deep south but now resides in the Midwest. He is a fan of JRPGs, survival horror, and story-driven games and believes video games offer the best form of escapism. He is a freelance writer and social media manager.


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    Just On Res 6 do not understand eevryones bad ratings of this game as good pointsnlike all res Evil games and bad ones possibly as well. All in all I like it , in same ways is abit like res 4m which a lot of people seem say is the best in the series on res evil games. Guess it comes down to personal choice i believe it deserves better reviews, Just a thought, like opinions we all have them. I love me Res Evil games wish there were many more. Just one last thing the Revelations games are great as well.
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  2. nah, every boss from RE 8 is as bad and unoriginal as the entire game. second, RE 7 bosses, knowing you could knife that old hag would stop the entire shitty game is just bad. Wesker is also superbad. I would easily put every og and remake bosses over them all. Even the RE 2 moth xD. the better bosses must bee Nemesis, Birkin, gravedigger, U3 and plant 42. But the top 3 should be; 3 Tyrant 002 from OG RE1. 2 Mr X final form in OG RE2, and the best, most intense and frightening boss is the big cheese himself. Bitorres Mendez. period.

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