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Final Fantasy 14 Pandaemonium | How to Unlock

Final Fantasy 14 Unlock Pandaemonium

Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker has recently come out with patch 6.01. Within this patch lies a brutal new series of raids known as Pandaemonium. This will have you testing your skills against challenging but fair endgame bosses, and will reward you with a huge pile of loot should you complete it! However, the first step is how to unlock Pandaemonium, since the game doesn’t simply point you in the right direction. If you’re still looking to take on this terrifying task, we will be the first to help you out!

Spoiler Warning! Below will talk about minor Endwalker story spoilers. Read at your own risk!

How to Unlock Pandaemonium in Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy 14 Unlock Pandaemonium

In order to unlock Pandaemonium, you’ll need to talk with the contact just outside the Baldesion Annex at X 9.6, Y 11.9. They will only appear after you’ve completed the quest “Endwalker,” and thus completed the entirety of the main storyline of Final Fantasy 14 up to this point. Near this aethercrystal there will be a lalafell named Nemjiji, with the quest “The Crystal from Beyond.” Follow them down the questline and you’ll get introduced to Pandaemonium.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only requirement. You’ll also need an average item level of 565. This means you can’t just dive right in after the main story. You’ll need to farm! Get to 560 to unlock the Extreme Trials, and then you can farm those until your item level is closer to what the game wants. Alternatively, you can farm Allegan Tomestones of Aphorism through endgame dungeons and daily roulettes to get your 570 gear at Radz-at-Han.

Once you can finally join the normal raid, you’ll be able to access them through the “Raid” section of your duty finder. Feel free to use the basic finder or the party finder. These fights are not super hard, so you can join a random party and be just fine! Make sure to pay attention… Or, you can wait for our future guides on the Pandaemonium raids to come out!

For now, though, you can find out where the Lunatender blossoms are! Alternatively, you can learn whether Endwalker is actually the end or not!

Written by Andrew Smith