Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Rated For Switch and PlayStation 4

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Rated By ESRB For Switch and PS4
Photo Credit: Square Enix

The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster collection appears to be headed for select consoles. A listing by the ESRB for the first six Final Fantasy games indicates an imminent new announcement. It looks like these games are headed to PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

December 18th is the 35th anniversary of Final Fantasy. There’s a chance we’ll see the Pixel Remaster announcement as part of the celebration. 

Released starting last year on Steam, the Pixel Remaster brings the original Final Fantasy titles to life in a new way. Updated 2D pixel graphics are done with help from Kazuko Shibuya. In addition, composer Nobuo Uematsu oversees a rearranged soundtrack faithful to the original titles. 

Additionally, several quality of life updates helps modernize these classic RPGs. From improved gameplay and autobattle options to a more modern UI, the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster truly brings these JRPGs into the present day of gaming. 

It’s been a long time coming for console owners. They’ve waited impatiently since seeing the first Pixel Remaster releases come to Steam. The Nintendo Switch is the perfect console for these games. It would give fans another way to relive these iconic games in handheld form; Final Fantasy I through VI were previously released on the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS. 

For PlayStation 5 owners, this allows them to play every mainline game on the system. In addition, except for Final Fantasy XI, you can play all Final Fantasy games on the PS5, thanks to backward compatibility features.

As for the newest game in the series, Final Fantasy XVI saw a new trailer released during The Game Awards last week. 

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster is currently available now on Steam. However, the release date for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 is now unconfirmed. 


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