Finding and Summoning Wolf Ashes – Elden Ring

The Summoning Wolf Ash is an obtainable item gotten through a questline. It is classed as an Ash of War, a usable item that has a specific talent and can aid you in battle.

In this situation, the Summoning Wolf Ash will summon 3 Lone Wolves that have health bars, aiding you in battles. They are very useful in fighting bosses due to the fact that the boss can turn his attention towards the wolves, giving you enough time to refresh and continue fighting. This guide will help you locate and obtain the Summoning Lone Wolf Ashes in Elden Ring.

Finding and Summoning Wolf Ashes – Elden Ring

Starting off with your adventure in obtaining the Summoning Wolf Ashes, you will need to speak with one of the most important NPCs in the game, which is Melina. She will be located at the resting area in Gatefrong.

Melina is the one who will give you the trusty steed for you to move around the lands of Elden Ring much quicker. She will also explain some of the stories, and after that, you will make your way down to the Church of Elleh.

Once you reach the Chuch of Elleh, you will notice two ghosts standing near the resting area. One of them should look like a regular warrior, and the other ghost character is a female-looking witch.

Many players have trouble getting these two ghosts NPC’s to be here at the same time. The main reason for this problem is that you are needed to be here when it’s nighttime. During the day the Witch is not present in the Church of Elleh.
Once you have seen both of the ghosts, slowly approach the witch and begin a conversation with her. Her name is Renna, she will ask you about the steed named Torrent. Your option here needs to be “I can call the spectral steed”. She then will explain to you that she trusts you and will give you two items.

  • Spirit Calling Bell
  • Lone Wolf Ashes

Once you have obtained the Lone Wolf Ashes, you can select the item from your equipment and summon them once you need help in the battle!

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