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Fire Emblem Engage Weapon Proficiency | How Does It Work?

Fire Emblem Engage Weapon Proficiency - How Does It Work?

Fire Emblem Engage is slightly different from most entries in the mainline Fire Emblem series. While gameplay deviates from the Three Houses game that proceeded it, it still has a bunch of its own gimmicks. Weapon proficiency in Fire Emblem Engage has some new mechanics in this game, and it can be annoying for both new and old players to wrap their heads around. But, never fear! We will tell you how it works so you can make your army as strong as possible.

What is Weapon Proficiency in Fire Emblem Engage?

What is Weapon Proficiency in Fire Emblem Engage?

Weapon proficiency in Fire Emblem Engage is the ability for characters to wield certain weapons or change to different classes. To increase a weapon proficiency’s rank, a unit simply needs to use it in combat. However, to gain a new proficiency, a character must bond with an Emblem and gain the proficiency from reaching a certain Bond Level with that ring. For example, Emblem Micaiah can grant units proficiency in Staves and Daggers.

Increasing weapon proficiency works just like it does in most mainline Fire Emblem games. Just using the weapon in fights will make your unit able to use higher-tier weapons. The proficiency itself doesn’t do much. You will need those high-tier weapons in order to make good use of a high-ranking weapon proficiency in Fire Emblem Engage.

Gaining new proficiencies is annoying. In this Fire Emblem games, you need a certain level of proficiency in a weapon to change to a class that uses the weapon. For instance, if you want Alear to change to an advanced class like Hero, you’ll need to gain Axe Proficiency. To get that, you will need to increase your Bond Level with an Emblem like Leif. At Bond Level 5, you will be able to access Axe proficiencies when you try to change class.

While you are Engaged with any Emblem, you automatically gain a weapon of that Emblem’s preferred type and enough proficiency to wield that weapon. That does not mean you are allowed to wield other weapons of that type; just the Emblem’s weapon specifically. You also only get access to proficiencies while equipped with an Emblem Ring in specific circumstances. For example, Micaiah lets any character wield C rank staves.

Written by Andrew Smith