Fire Emblem Three Houses Alois | Who is Alois?

Fire Emblem Three Houses Alois

Fire Emblem Three Houses is an upcoming RPG that is set to release on the Nintendo Switch on July 26, 2019. Set on the continent of Fodlan, three rival nations are separated throughout the land and are currently in a time of peace. There are a bunch of different characters that appear throughout the game, one named Alois. Since he isn’t one of the main characters, a lot of people are wondering, who is Alois? For that reason, we have put together a Fire Emblem Three Houses Alois guide, which will take a deeper look into this character.

Who is Alois in Fire Emblem Three Houses?

Alois Langert is a teacher at the Officer’s Academy and is one of the Knights of Seiros. These Knights are a group of soldiers who live in the Garreg Mach Monastery that is located in Fodlan. Alios is considered the right-hand man to the leader of the Knights of Seiros, after serving directly under the former leader.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Alois

Despite his leadership in the Knights, Alois typically has a light-hearted attitude and can usually be found cracking jokes during his Axes and Brawling lessons at the Academy.

In his earlier days, he was a subordinate of Jeralt, the former leader of the Knights of Seiros. Jeralt is considered by most to be the strongest Knight in all of history. After serving with the Knights for a while, he eventually left them to form his own mercenary group, but later came back and rejoined the Knighthood.

As you can see, there is still a lot of missing information about Alois in Fire Emblem Three Houses. Hopefully, when the game releases later this month, players will be able to learn a little bit more about him and his history. They might even get to hear one of his famous jokes!

Written by Andrew Smith