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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Fishing Tournament | A fishing quest

Fire Emblem: Three Houses fishing tournament

A compelling RPG with many activities like fighting, recruiting, gardening, and even fishing, the latest Fire Emblem has it all. However, even great games with tons to offer can be a tad unclear. The fishing tournament presented in Chapter 6 is a prime example of this. Here’s how to clear the Fire Emblem: Three Houses fishing tournament. 

How to complete the Fire Emblem: Three Houses Fishing Tournament

Fire Emblem: Three Houses fishing tournament

Fishing is an age-old pastime, and people either love it or hate it. Those that love it find it to be relaxing, reflective, contemplative. Those that don’t? It’s a long, drudging, and quiet wait where nothing particularly interesting ever happens. Compound that into a video game, and you’ll want to almost completely ignore the mechanic. 

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For those that fall into the latter group, the Fire Emblem: Three Houses fishing tournament is the ultimate drag. There are several rewards in store for finishing on top though, making it literally worth the wait. Getting the greatest catch is going to take quite some time, however. 

The fishing tournament quest becomes available in Chapter 6. It’s highly recommended to complete, as fishing doesn’t progress the game’s time or limit any other choices. It’s pretty much a free reward. To start the quest, players will need to find and talk to Flayn, the monastery’s resident fishing enthusiast. 

After the quest is initiated, players are handed 50 pieces of tournament bait. It’s imperative that only this bait is used. Anything caught with regular bait won’t be able to be handed in. After baiting and casting, it’s a waiting game. 

To win the tournament, players should aim for the best fish they can. After patiently waiting, some fish symbols should start popping up. To net a good catch, wait for the red fishing symbol to appear. This indicates a higher leveled fish.

After gathering a few of those, speak to everyone else in the tournament, then to Flayn once more. The Fire Emblem: Three Houses fishing quest should then be marked complete, and support ranks and items rewarded. 

Written by Andrew Smith