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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Paralogue Rewards | The best quest rewards

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Paralogue Rewards

It’s a given in any RPG, if there’s quests to be completed, there are rewards to be received. The Fire Emblem series is no different. The Fire Emblem: Three Houses paralogue rewards take a slight spin on this age old mechanic though. Through an exploration of characters, the paralogues offer some excellent benefits. 

 Best Fire Emblem: Three Houses Paralogue Rewards

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Paralogue Rewards

There’s several side missions in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, complementing the game’s main storyline. Some of the most fulfilling missions are the paralogues, tasks that are made available by recruiting certain characters. After gaining their trust, some characters will initiate certain lucrative quests throughout the game’s duration. 

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One quest with an impressive reward is Sylvain’s “A Forgotten Hero.” After recruiting Sylvain, players need to pay some special attention towards him. Once his paralogue opens up, players will have the chance to receive the Blutgang. The Blutgang is a Hero Relic, with interesting stats: a sword that deals magical damage, and gains beast fang with a Crest of The Beast. 

Another paralogue to look out for is Claude’s. Once he’s recruited, keep an eye on him and prioritize his mission, “The Sleeping Sand Legend.” When this paralogue is completed, players are rewarded with the Sword of Belgata, another powerful Hero Relic. 

For the magically inclined, Lorenz’s quest merits some notice. After completing “Land of the Golden Deer,” his paralogue, players will have access to the Thyrsus. The Thyrsus, another Hero Relic, is a magical staff that boasts two major abilities. First off, it increases magical range attacks by two. Better yet, it will occasionally halve incoming damage. 

These are just a few of the Fire Emblem: Three Houses paralogue rewards. Though by no means an exhaustive list of unlockable items, the Blutgang, Sword of Belgata, and Thyrsus are some pretty good rewards. They’re certainly worth the trouble of recruiting and monitoring their respective quest-givers.

Written by Andrew Smith