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Fire Emblem: Three Houses True Path | What’s the true ending?

Fire Emblem: Three Houses True Path

In typical JRPG fashion, Fire Emblem: Three Houses has multiple paths to choose from. Depending on who players align with, and what choices are made along the way, there’s several potential endings. However, this has some players wondering, “Which path is the best path?” Is there a Fire Emblem: Three Houses true path? 

What’s the Fire Emblem: Three Houses true path?

Fire Emblem: Three Houses True Path

These days, it’s quite common for games, especially RPGs, to have multiple endings. Variations in the story line arise from initial conditions, to individual decisions and alignments made throughout the game’s duration. Sometimes one ending takes canon priority over others, a sort of true path. So, is there a Fire Emblem: Three Houses true path?

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Players start Fire Emblem: Three Houses with a bit of a loaded choice. There’s three groups, or rather houses, to choose from. Depending on which one players choose, their overall gaming experience, play-style, and ending will all be affected. 

The three houses to choose from are the Black Eagles, Blue Lions, and Golden Deer. Each of these houses has a different specialization and focus on combat. The Black Eagles primarily depend on combative magic and aggressive axe-play. The Blue Lions, being knights, use spears and lance-like weapons, focusing on melee. The Golden Deer depend on bows and ranged attacks. 

The game’s ending will change depending on which house players take up residence with. However, there is a bit of a secret fourth ending, though it’s not a true path per se. It can be accessed by choosing the Black Eagles’ house early in the game. 

After aligning with the Black Eagles, players need to focus on ranking up their leader, Edelgard. Getting Edelgard’s rank as high as possible isn’t necessary for the fourth ending to open up, but it does need to be rather high. Furthermore, prioritize speaking to her in the second month. Eventually, a dialogue choice with a clear warning will pop up, indicating the fourth ending. This secret ending has some calling it the true ending to Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Written by Andrew Smith