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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Two Toned Whetstone | Who to give the Whetstone to?

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Two Toned Whetstone

There are tons of different side quests that players can accomplish throughout Fire Emblem: Three Houses. One of those quests will force players to choose between helping Catherine or Shamir. Referred to as the Fire Emblem: Three Houses Two Toned Whetstone quest, players will have to choose which player they want to give the Whetstone too, which will earn them a special reward. This is leaving a lot of players wondering who to give the Whetstone to?

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Two Toned Whetstone | Who to give the Whetstone to?

During the first act, players will come across Catherine and Shamir, who are having a discussion in the Monastery. After talking with both of them, players will receive two quests, both of which require the Two Toned Whetstone. The only issue is, there is only one Whetstone, meaning that players can only complete one of the quests.

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Since only one quest can be completed in the Fire Emblem: Three Houses Two Toned Whetstone side quest, you’ll likely want to decide who you give the Whetstone to based on the rewards offered. Catherine will offer players a Silver Sword and support points, while Shamir will offer a Silver Bow and support points.

So, you’ll likely want to give the Whetstone to whichever character offers the reward that fits best with your character. Choosing one over the other will not affect your game in anyway, so don’t worry about leaving out Catherine or Shamir. Additionally, you can purchase both of these items in the second act of the game.

However, none of this information will do you any good if you don’t know how to get the Fire Emblem: Two Houses Two Toned Whetstone. To get the Whetstone, you’ll have to complete a couple of steps first.

For starters, you’ll need to find the Crestological Mysteries book, which is located near Catherine, and give it to Hanneman. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to track down the Tome of Comely Saints and give it to Manuela.

Following that, you’ll only need to find one other item, which will then start a chain reaction of visiting different characters. You’ll need to find the Fire Amulet and give it to Cyril, who will provide you with the Glowing Stone. Take the Stone to Mercedes and she will give you the Path of Dawn. Take that to Marianne, who will give you Eye Drops.

Finally, take the Eve Drops to Linhardt, who will give you the Two Toned Whetstone. Then, you can take that back to either Catherine or Shamir and collect your reward.

Written by Andrew Smith