Fire Giant Guide for Elden Ring

Fire Giant Guide for Elden Ring
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This Fire Giant guide includes tips on how to beat the Fire Giant, Fire Giant weakness, what to do after the boss, and more.

The Fire Giant is one of the later bosses in the regular Elden Ring boss order. As the name would suggest, he’s a giant type enemy with a few fire spells to keep you wary. The Fire Giant’s location is in the Mountaintops of the Giants. More specifically, near the Foot of the Forge site of grace.

Fire Giant’s recommended level would be around 85 with upgraded weapons. Since he is a late boss in the typical Elden Ring boss order, you will need enough upgrades to deal decent damage to it. Any range-based spirit summons will do well against the Fire Giant. Additionally, any Bleed weapon is the Fire Giant’s main weakness.

The Fire Giant boss fight will yield you Remembrance of the Fire Giant and 180000 Runes.

How to Beat Fire Giant Elden Ring Guide

Usually, the best way to deal with giant enemies in Souls games is to stick to them and deal damage to their feet. The same goes for Elden Ring’s Fire Giant. The boss will be far away as you enter the fog. So, take this time to summon your horse and spirit summons.

Fire Giant Elden Ring Shield Slam
Lock onto the left foot

As you near the Fire Giant, it will ready its shield, take a couple of steps forward, and slam the shield ahead. It can almost one-shot you. However, you can sprint ahead and reach its feet. This will evade the slam entirely. Also, another one of Fire Giant’s weaknesses is its left foot. It’s the one covered with orange cloth. A few hits will destroy the cloth and expose the foot for a large portion of the Fire Giant boss fight.

Keep targeting the Fire Giant’s weakness and its health should drop quicker. Although, there are a few moves that you should pay attention to.

Fire Giant Elden Ring Foot Stomp

The Fire Giant tends to stomp its feet in succession. In addition to killing your horse, the stomp will stagger you for a while as well. The Fire Giant will stomp its right foot first, however, so you should be able to get away beforehand.

Phase one of the Fire Giant boss fight has a few shield slam and swing attacks but they all can be avoided by simply sticking to the left foot or sprinting far away.

Fire Giant Elden Ring Side Roll

The Fire Giant will sometimes roll on its side to reposition. When it takes the shield close to it and leans its body on the left side, it’s usually the roll. Nothing major here, though. Just stay out of its direct path and rush towards it as the roll ends.

Elden ring fire giant spells

The boss will deploy a range of fire spells during the fight. Out of which, three are used in the phase one of the Fire Giant boss fight.

Fire Orb Palm Up
Palm Up = Fire Orb

The simple trick to understanding the Fire Giant spells is to observe its palm when it is conjuring the spell. If the palm is facing up, it’s a fire orb that slowly follows you and explodes once it gets close. In many ways, this Fire Giant spell is similar to Rennala’s Dark Moon spell. Fortunately, the orb has little chance of ever reaching you on horseback.

Fire Ball Palm Down
Palm Down = Fire Ball

If the Fire Giant’s palm is facing down, it will launch a fireball at you. It is direct and relatively quick, capable of knocking you off your horse. When you see the Fire Giant conjuring the fire spell, start sprinting towards any sideways direction to evade the fireball.

Fire Giant Elden Ring Fire AoE

Lastly, the Fire Giant will rest its palm on the ground and spawn multiple fire spots surrounding it. You can either just sprint out of the area or carefully tip-toe around the spots and continue dealing damage. In addition to these fire spells, the Fire Giant will add another in phase two of the boss fight.

Fire giant guide for phase two

The Fire Giant will mostly start off phase two with the same fire spell as above, though with the fire spots being really close to each other. This leaves hardly any room to juke the eruptions, hence it is best to leave the area while the fire spots erupt.

Fire Giant Elden Ring Phase Two AoE

The new Fire Giant spell involves the boss leaning back and shooting meteors in the air, which come crashing down at multiple spots. This can be tricky to avoid if you are facing the Fire Giant, but becomes simple if you are behind. The boss will shoot these meteors a few times, so just wait around. Or, you can hide behind the Fire Giant’s back and keep attacking it safely.

Flame Fall Upon Thee

A physical slash weapon, Bleed damage, and the left foot are all the Fire Giant’s weaknesses. This makes for an easy enough boss fight.

Elden ring fire giant cheese patched tips

However, you can take it further with the Fire Giant cheese after patch. You will need ranged weapons for this. So, crossbows and spells are your go-to. Enter the fog in front of the site of grace, not the one behind it.

Fire Giant Cheese Elden Ring
The fog is visible on the right

Next, take the horse and climb up on the cliffs on the right. Make a double jump on the right and you will land back at the fog entrance. Take the bridge you came from and go left. The Fire Giant will follow you and face you on the opposite cliff. Use ranged attacks to deal damage. Repeat the same process for phase two. The Fire Giant cheese after patch is a bit tricky to pull off because of the double jump. It may take a few tries.

What to Do After Fire Giant in Elden Ring

You have to make way to the Forge of the Giants, which is just a little bit to the left of the boss fight area. You will notice a huge forge on top of a cliff.

Forge of the Giants Elden Ring Location

Going there will make you progress further into the Elden Ring story and give you access to the Crumbling Farum Azula region in the game. You won’t be able to teleport anywhere immediately upon reaching the Crumbling Farum Azula. Just run past enemies and get the nearest site of grace and the teleportation will be back.

With this Fire Giant guide, you are one step closer to beating the game. However, the Elden Ring boss order is tall. With our Elden Ring guides on Boss Level Gamer, you can quickly make your way to the throne and become Elden Lord. Also, you can tackle Elden Ring secret bosses or the optional ones better.

You can also follow us on YouTube for everything gaming and useful Elden Ring tips such as how to dodge Malenia’s combo.

Our How to Beat Fire Giant Elden Ring video guide goes over most of his attacks with subtitles and slow-motion:


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I prefer video games capable of delivering powerful experiences, innovation, and competition. I like to talk about such games and offer something valuable to others with my writing and videos. And I don't mince words when doing so.

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