Fix “Problem With Game Setup. Please Reinstall” | Battlefield 2042

The error in question is the “Problem with the game setup. Please Reinstall.” error. The reason I said ‘persistent’ is because that you might run into the same issue even if you have reinstalled the game completely. The community has expressed their outrage, but it seems like this error isn’t really an underlying bug or a issue with the game itself. We’ll look into ways of how to fix it, without reinstalling Battlefield 2042 altogether.

How To Fix “Problem With Game Setup. Please Reinstall” – Battlefield 2042

The most common reason for why this error occurs is missing Windows Feature Pack suite. It seems like Battlefield 2042 utilizes that, and if it’s missing, well, you get this error.

To get to the bottom of it, open up Windows Settings through your Start Menu and go to Apps > Apps & Features > Optional Features. Once you’re there, click on “Add a feature” and search for “Media Feature Pack”.

If it doesn’t show in the search list, nor in the list of installed features, then most likely, this isn’t what’s causing the error.

Reinstall C++ Redist

Out-of-date or uninstalled C++ redistributable is another common cause for this error. You can find a install executable in Battlefield’s install folder, but I much prefer downloading it through the official Microsoft download page.

Once you open that page, select a version which is suited for your system, whether it be x64, x86, or ARM64. Once it is downloaded, open it, and follow the installation procedure.

Reinstall DirectX

DirectX is also something which can cause similar errors in Battlefield and in other games as well. Once again, there’s an official download page for DirectX.

Download it, and follow the installation procedure. If you’re running the latest-most version of DirectX, the installation will not be executed, and the same goes for the C++ Redistributable.

Update Windows & Verify Integrity Of Game Files

The last method is trivial. You’ll need to try updating Windows and verifying the integrity of game files, since there might actually be a problem with the game setup.

To update Windows, search for “Windows Update” in the Start Menu and hit Enter. In the Windows Update menu, hit “Check for Updates” and update your system if necessary. Restart it later for good measure.

If that doesn’t work, try verifying the integrity of game files. To do that, open Steam Library, right-click Battlefield 2042 and hit Properties. Go to the Local Files tab, and press “Verify integrity of game files”. Wait for the procedure to finish, then try launching the game.

Written by Borut Udovic

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