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Forspoken | How to Enable Auto-Loot

Forspoken - How to Enable Auto-Loot

Like every open-world game in the last decade, Forspoken has a crafting system. It’s a simple and straightforward way to upgrade your gear or refill your stock of healing items. The main downside to this is that Forspoken is all about momentum and stopping to collect the resources at your feet every few minutes really grinds things to a halt. Luckily, there’s a way to get the game to do the busy work for you through a hidden auto-loot option. Read on to find out how to enable auto-loot.

How to Enable Auto-Loot in Forspoken

How to Enable Auto-Loot in Forspoken

Auto-loot is found in the Accessibility Settings tab in Forspoken‘s gameplay options. Specifically, it’s grouped with the World Settings category. Just switch on the Automatic Item Gathering option to enable the feature. It has no effect on trophies or achievements, so don’t worry about whether or not you’ll be robbing yourself of a platinum trophy.

Enabling auto-loot greatly enhances the overall experience of Forspoken. Frey’s magic parkour is the game’s main selling point, and it’s a blast to use. That’s why needing to stop dead in your tracks to collect plants and minerals is a big buzzkill. Worse, the prompts notifying you of resources can really clutter the screen and take you out of the immersion. It can easily make combat even more difficult by adding another UI element to keep track of.

Crafting isn’t really a gameplay mechanic that can be ignored. It’s important to gather all the resources you see because you’ll always need better gear. You can imbue a cloak with an increase to your health, for example, or install combat-boosting skills in your necklace. Trying to take on the twisted enemies of Athia without proper gear will be next to impossible, especially at higher difficulty levels.

With auto-loot turned on, Frey will pick up any and every resource she comes across simply by being near it. This also applies to items in opened treasure chests. Rather than needing to stop and pick some flowers, Frey can just pass over them without breaking her momentum in the slightest. It keeps the action flowing at an exciting pace.

Written by Andrew Smith