Forspoken: How To Unlock Nails

Forspoken is a brand new game that features many things. In this open world RPG you get to complete various missions as well as world quests which can help your character become stronger and more prepared for upcoming battles. The nails are a great way to get a slight upgrade on your character and remove everything that stands in your way.

In this guide, you will see how you can unlock nails in Forspoken.

How To Unlock Nails

Nails are not something that you are introduced to at the very start of the game. To begin the process of unlocking them, you need to follow the main storyline up to the third chapter.

At the third chapter, you will have a quest that leads you into the tower. Inside the tower, you will see a library filled with all sorts of books and scrolls. Here you are required to read all the available books inside the tower as your next objective of the mission.

As you finish reading the books, cuff will tell you that you can use your Breakshards which are imbued with the blood of the Tantas to gain more power.

After that conversation, you will earn the first set of nails that you can equip which are called Slay.

Here you can paint your nails and add some extra upgrades by obtaining ad spending Breakshards. From here on out, you will be given a small tutorial on how you can use the nails and add effects on either the left or the right hand.

You will also be able to unlock certain nails as you progress through the game by completing various side missions.

We hope this guide helped you find the way to unlock the first set of nails in Forspoken.

Written by Borut Udovic

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