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Forspoken Lesser Amphicynodon | How to Defeat

Forspoken Lesser Amphicynodon - How to Defeat

While saving Athia may be Frey’s main goal, there are still plenty of side activities in Forspoken that are worth seeking outSome of these reward you with crafting materials while others give you new gear. Locked Labyrinths, which essentially function as mini-dungeons, are one such activity. The boss of Locked Labryinth: Mountain in Pioneer’s Plain is the Lesser Amphicynodon, and it can be a huge pain to fight. If you’re having trouble, read on for some tips on taking down this deadly dragon.

How to Defeat Lesser Amphicynodon in Forspoken

How to Defeat Lesser Amphicynodon in Forspoken

The first thing to keep in mind with Lesser Amphicynodon is that it’s highly resistant to Frey’s magic. It’s immune to Tangled, Imprisoned, Confused, and Stopped status effects. You’re likely to stumble across Lost Labyrinth: Mountain on your way to fight Tanta Sila. It’s actually in your best interest to avoid entering the Labyrinth until you defeat Tanta Sila and have access to her magic. However, if you’ve wandered inside by accident or are simply up for a challenge, it’s still doable with Frey’s standard magic.

What puts Frey at a huge disadvantage in this fight is that you’ll have to fight Lesser Amphicynodon up close. Sila’s magic is melee focused, and spells like Rage Slice are a perfect fit. A combination of Fusillade and Blast Slice Level 2 can make quick work of the boss as well. If you’re battling it with Frey’s standard moveset, protect yourself with Screen and use Burst Shot Level 2. Tendril also comes in handy here and is one of the best starting skills to get.

In its first phase, Lesser Amphicynodon will regularly lunge at you with an attack that’s easy to see coming. This is very reminiscent of the battle against Recreant Knight. Dodge it if you can, but if you feel confident, counter it with a perfectly timed parry to dish out massive damage and heal Frey at once. It will incorporate a tail lash attack in its second phase, which is very choreographed. Run away the second you see it shake its little tuchus because the tail hits hard.

Lesser Amphicynodon’s third phase is when it poses the greatest threat. It becomes more aggressive and incorporates a close-range clawing attack. Keep hitting it with your most powerful spells, and when you’re within range, unleash either your Genesis or Conflagration surge magic to quickly melt through its remaining health. Once it’s defeated, consider going after the bosses of other Lost Labyrinths, such as Lesser Deinosuchus.

Written by Andrew Smith