Forspoken: Lief Cloak Location

In Forspoken you get to go in the open world and get to complete various missions as well as world quests which can help your character become stronger and more prepared for upcoming battles. In different hidden caves and ruins you can find locked chests that can be unlocked by defeating enemies and award you with great loot such as the Lief Cloak.

In this guide, you will see where you can locate the Lief Cloak in Forspoken.

Lief Cloak Location

To get to the Lief Cloak in Forspoken, you need to make your way over to the Praenost area. Once you are there, go to The Guardian’s Way zone specifically at the very southern end of it.

Once there, you will see an area that needs to be scouted called “Locked Labyrinth: Barrier”.

This is going to be a small build with pink particles in the middle. Go to the very center of those particles and interact with it to get inside the magical area. Inside the magical room, you will find a big ball that you can interact with.

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As you’ve interacted with the object in front of you, you will complete the world mission and automatically obtain the Leaf Cloak in Forspoken.

The Lief Cloak is an ancient garment that was hidden away in the deepest depths of a dungeon. Its effect is that it Halves Poison damage when your health is low.

And there you have it gamers. That is how you can get the Lief Cloak in Forspoken.

Written by Borut Udovic

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